Tim Hortons Canada Reveals All-New Limited Edition OREO Menu

OREO lovers unite!!! Tim Hortons has just revealed their all new OREO menu items, including OREO baked goods and.... wait for it...


Milkshakes, McFlurries and Frosties beware... This new OREO Iced Capp is likely going to be amazing and I can't wait to try it.

Tim Hortons

The OREO Iced Capp, seen above, is made with real OREO bits and has extra cookie crumbs on top.

It will only be available for a limited time, according to Newswire, so you're going to want to go pick one up ASAP.

The price is currently set at $3.09, though prices may vary depending on size and location. 

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Tim Hortons

Above is the OREO infused donut, which I personally need in my face right this minute.

It's a chocolate donut with vanilla filling, dipped in white fondant and OREO cookie crumbs with a drizzle of chocolate fondant on top.

In addition to the donut, there will also be two other OREO inspired baked goods. You'll also be able to dive into an OREO flavoured cream-filled pocket (um, YES pls) which is a Chocolate and OREO pastry pocket with vanilla filling.

Finally, you can also try out the OREO infused muffin which is a chocolate muffin, again with vanilla filling (duh) and topped with bits of OREO cookie crumbs.

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Tim Hortons

In addition to the OREO Iced Capp, Tim Hortons is also rolling out three new Creamy Chill drinks, seen above.

The first is the Strawberry Creamy Chill, topped with a sweet strawberry drizzle, then there's the Vanilla, topped with colourful rainbow sprinkles, and finally the Chocolate with chocolate drizzle. All three are topped with a whipped topped. 

The OREO treats are available as of right now, but the three new Creamy Chill beverages will be available starting May 15th, 2019.

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Tim Hortons

Also new to Tims this month are the treats seen above! Brownies or Cinnamon Sugar Timbits anyone?!

Why the heck not.

If you try out any of these any treats, tag us in your pics or Instagram stories and let us know how they are @MTLBlog.