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Tim Hortons Employee Refused Service To Montreal Man Because Of Service Dog

Drama at Timmies!
Tim Hortons Employee Refused Service To Montreal Man Because Of Service Dog

Tim Hortons is making it way too easy for us to throw some serious shade these days. 

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We all know that the popularity of the Tim Horton brand in Canada is plummeting, with more and more stories like this woman attacking a pregnant Tim Hortons employee and the infamous Tim Hortons pooper, it's just becoming easier and easier to paint them in a questionable light.

Recently, we also wrote about a contest and marketing initiative that Tim Hortons launched to promote their new "all-day breakfast," however, nearly no one entered the contest. It was, in short, a major fail.

Today, I read this more recent story of a Montreal man who was turned away from a Pierrefonds Tim Hortons because of his service dog.

According to a source, Craig Read has had this service dog for four years, to aid him with mental issues such as anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The good part of this story is that the Tim Hortons employee was fired, and according to a source a Tim Hortons spokesperson spoke out about the incident clearly condemning the behavior of the employee.

According to the Tim Hortons policy, patrons are allowed to bring in service dogs to any Timmies location.  It seems like perhaps there was a confusion about the dog or miscommunication that happened at some point. 

Read wishes to meet with the district manager of the Tim Hortons but instead was offered a gift card as a kind of apology.

It's unfortunate that there isn't more education and knowledge about service dogs, hopefully, this story will shed some light on the issue.


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