Tim Hortons Is Giving Away Free Coffees Across Canada Today

There is one catch though, you need the app.
Tim Hortons Is Giving Away Free Coffees Across Canada Today

Skip the Starbucks and say sayonara to Second Cup, because today, Tim Hortons is doling out the caffeine for free. 

To celebrate National Coffee Day (September 29th) Tim Hortons locations are giving away free cups of coffee to anyone who downloads the Tim Hortons Mobile App, the company said in a press release

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Coffees of any size and sort (Iced, Dark Roast, Decaf) are part of the deal. One coffee is allotted to each app-user, and you do have to complete a transaction beforehand (or load $10 onto the app’s account) before being able to claim your gratis cup of Joe. 

Tim Hortons locations across Canada and the U.S. will be participating in this Coffee Day celebration, which runs until October 8th. 

Interestingly, National Coffee Day is held on the 29th of September in the United States. International Coffee Day, which Canada actually recognizes, is on October 1st. 

Cleverly, Tim Hortons is covering its basis by starting its free-coffee-promo on the American celebration of caffeine and continuing into (and passed) Canada’s day to give thanks to the mighty coffee bean. 

And as you’ve no doubt already surmised, Tim Hortons Coffee Day promotion is a thinly-veiled effort to get you to download the coffee chain’s app.

Not that the plan won’t work, because free coffee isn’t something one turns down, especially in the morning. 

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