Tim Hortons Is Giving Out Free Hash Browns

Free food is the best kind of food.
Tim Hortons Is Giving Out Free Hash Browns

Photo cred - Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is stepping up the fast food freebie game. This week only, if you buy any drink and breakfast sandwich you get a free hash-brown.

The offer ends March 1st so get on it. Just make sure you choose coffee as your free drink, because orange juice and hash-browns sounds pretty nasty. Check out Tim Horton's website for more details or check out their Facebook post.

So go get yourself a good freebie for once, none of that free coffee bullshit, you probably get free coffee at work anyways. When's the last time a co-worker went into the office break room and asked: "I'm making myself a hash-brown, does anyone want a hash-brown? With milk and sugar?" No, never.  Because no one takes their hash-brown with milk and sugar, but also no one gets free hash-browns at work.