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Montrealers, many being coffee snobs who only drink the finest of espresso, tend to scoff at the thought of drinking Tim Hortons coffee. Nevertheless, scores of citizens drink up 'dat TH brew, mainly because Tims is fast, seemingly everywhere, and above all, very cheap. Things will change a bit on that last front, though, as Tim Hortons plans to increase prices on its coffee and certain food items next week, reports CTV.

As of next Wednesday, Canada's favourite coffee chain will hike up the price for its java and breakfast sandwiches, but thankfully, not by too much. Any cup of TH coffee and all breakfast sandwiches will both increase by 10 cents, on average across Canada, meaning you'll only have to fork over an extra couple of dimes to get your double-double and Timatin.

Prices may vary a bit per province, so fingers crossed Quebec doesn't get hit with much more of a price hike.

"Operational costs" are the cause of Tims' price increase, which hasn't happened since 2011. A Tim Hortons spokesperson cited the rising cost of coffee beans and meat products as the main increase in operational costs. Droughts in Brazil have seriously hindered access to Arabica beans (TH's bean of choice), which has caused a marked increase for the price of coffee for many coffee chains, Tims included, it seems.

Unmentioned by TH reps was the recent merger with Burger King, and the costs that came with it. Tim Hortons accrued $27.3 million in costs due to the merger, according to CTV, which may have been an incentive to go with a price jump on the menu.

All food chains and vendors jack up the price on menu items every now and then, so don't hate on Tims too much. It's only an extra ten cents after all, which still makes Tims your cheapest option to get caffeinated.

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