Tim Hortons Is Testing New "Maple Leaf" Coffee Lids

No more leaky cups.
Tim Hortons Is Testing New "Maple Leaf" Coffee Lids

We just love poking fun at Tim Hortons failed attempts to connect with the younger generation, it's one of our favorite past times.

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I mean  - come on, it's like they are begging to be made fun of.  For example, they took Quebec's most iconic food - The poutine and turned it into an internet-wide mock fest.

They recently launched a digital-friendly and Instagram-based marketing campaign to promote their new all-day breakfast, and literally, nobody participated.  #embarassing.

I have to hand it to them though, they are fiercely trying to do the right thing, I see and acknowledge the effort. But ultimately, all these strategies and initiatives seem to entirely miss the mark and fly over the heads of millennial consumers.

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So - what's next? Thankfully no new food and experimental food items or "savvy" digital marketing contests.

Timmies is going back to the basics and has announced a pilot project in which they will be totally revamping their coffee lids.

I wasn't surprised to find out that the lids haven't been changed in over 20 years, everyone knows they are flimsy AF.  At this point, it's practically their trademark.

For years, frustrated customers were making complaints about the leakiness of the lids.  And instead of fixing what was noticeably broken, Tim Hortons thought it would be a smart business move to invest in developing and introducing new food items. *Scratches chin.*

On the bright side, Tim Hortons will be piloting new sturdier lids that can actually close! Hallelujah! They will also be eco-friendly and feature a maple leaf design. Cute, I guess?

The lids will be tested at six locations in Canada. Can't wait to see the results. More to come!


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