Tim Hortons To Start Selling Poutine?

The people of Quebec will lose their minds.
Tim Hortons To Start Selling Poutine?

Tim Hortons sells pretty much everything. Seriously, think about it. They're a coffee and donut shop, but you can buy bagels, fried chicken sandwiches, chili and even lasagna casseroles. Really? Lasagna casseroles? Why lasagna? Are we all Italian? We live in Canada, if you're going to serve up a hot bowl of something, it damn well better be poutine.

So when we found this Facebook group that was trying to convince Tim Hortons to start selling poutine, we figured we'd use our powers for good and help gather more support for this benevolent campaign.

After all, Timmie's loves to brand itself as a Canada's favorite bake shop, so why not serve Canada's favorite dish? It might help their reputation a little  considering they sold out to Burger King which took away from their Canadian credibility. Plus they could use the Burger King alliance as an advantage, Burger King already serves poutine in Quebec so they can just tweak the recipe and make a Tim Hortons version. All you'd need is to add a deep fryer in every store, which is totally worth it since it would probably become their most used piece of kitchen equipment.

If some guy on Facebook managed to convince Pepsi to bring back Crystal Pepsi  then that means anything is possible when you have enough support. So let's make this happen Montreal, let's convince Tim Hortons to start selling poutine.

Joing the event HERE if you want Tim Hortons to serve poutine.