Tim Hortons Now Sells Chicken Nuggets In Canada

We might actually have to start going there.
Tim Hortons Now Sells Chicken Nuggets In Canada

This morning we received two announcements from Tim Hortons.

The first one was to announce the new 2018 holiday menu, and the second was to announce the launch of their new kids meals!

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But forget about all those holidays sweets and kids meal options because the only thing we heard was: Tim Hortons now sells Chicken Nuggets!

Via timhortons

And that's all we needed to hear.

Amazingly enough, one of the options for the new kid’s meals other than the grilled cheese and wrap, are these all-new chicken strips that actually look pretty damn decent.

Right now you can get the chicken nuggets with a side of potato wedges, which pretty much makes this the best sounding combo you could buy at Tim Hortons.

Via timhortons


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