Tim Hortons Of The Future Will Serve Beer And A Poutine Pretzel

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! Well, at least the Tim Hortons of tomorrow, as the coffee mega-chain offered the public a glimpse into the future during the company's Owner convention this passed Wednesday in Toronto. Crazy changes are in store for the Tims we all know and love, both on the interior and menu fronts.

Trying to "starbuck themselves," Tim Horton's potential future-menu includes artisanal-esque baked goods, creative savoury treats (like the poutine pretzel, photo courtesy of the National Post), already-prepared sandwiches, and even beer options like a coffee porter and strawberry lager.

A far cry from their current resto model, the new Tim Hortons has a spacious interior outfitted with lots of white and shiny red, adding to the whole "from the future" feel. Rather than read about it, take a look for yourself through the video below.


For those who think this isn't even in the realm of possibilities , do remember that TH's digitial menu boards were originally pre-launched at the last company convention 7 years ago, which are now used in 4,500 different locations. Anything is possible, even fine dining Tims-style.

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