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It's Official, Almond Milk Will Soon Be Available At Tim Hortons In Quebec

It's going to be a dope, dairy-free summer.
Tim Hortons Offering Almond Milk As Of This Spring Across Quebec
  • It's official, Tim Hortons will soon be offering almond milk at all locations in Quebec and Canada-wide.
  • The dairy-free option will become available this spring.
  • Find out what other vegan options Timmies has to offer below!

Today is a good day for anyone that just doesn't do dairy. Tim Hortons is officially continuing to expand its vegan options at stores across Canada. If you remember, Tim Hortons added Beyond Meat products to its menu in July 2019. Just two months later, Restaurant Brands International (RBI), Tim Hortons' parent company, pulled the meatless alternatives from franchises outside British Columbia and Ontario, meaning people in Quebec could no longer purchase the Beyond Meat breakfast options.

As of January 2020, Beyond Meat is not on any Tim Hortons menu in Canada.

But things are starting to look up for vegans and other non-dairy drinkers who love their Timmies.

A spokesperson has confirmed to MTL Blog that the popular fast-food chain will begin offering almond milk at locations nationwide starting this spring. "We are excited to be rolling out both skim and almond milk for guests looking for alternative dairy options across Canada," they wrote in a statement.

So if an iced coffee with almond milk is your drink of choice when things warm up, you can soon add Tim's as an option when considering where to stop and grab your joe.

Of course, I say iced coffee only because we will have to wait until spring to get our hands on the nutty goodness of almond milk at Tim Hortons locations across Canada.

That doesn't mean you can't tip a little into your hot coffee, too.

And while some Tim's locations have had soy milk available, this new announcement means that no matter what Timmies you stop at, you'll be certain you can get yourself a dairy-free coffee every time.

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Tims has also always had some non-coffee drink options that were fair game for vegans or other non-dairy drinkers. 

Things like their Iced Lemonade and Iced Raspberry Lemonade.

Last year's foray into Jolly Rancher Slushys was a short-lived vegan option at chez Tim Hortons.

But there have always been a fair amount of vegan food options, even without the Beyond Meat options. The bagels are always a safe bet, along with the oatmeal and some soups.

We're still awaiting the exact date that we can start ordering a lil bit o' almond in our Timmies cup, but stay tuned and we will update you with an exact date as soon as we know!

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