Tim Hortons Released An All-New French Toast Breakfast Sandwich And Canadians On Twitter Are Already Hating On It

Last week Tim Hortons released a brand new breakfast sandwich in an attempt to win over the hearts of Canadians.

The French Toast Breakfast Sandwich comes with a "fluffy egg omelette, sausage and cheddar cheese sandwiched between two pieces of French toast" according to Canadify. 

Although the new meal option hasn't been available for long, it didn't take much time for Canadians to point out a few of the major flaws with the sandwich.

The biggest concern that has been raised by customers via Twitter is that, despite being called the "French Toast" sandwich, the bread is said to be flavourless. 

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TL;DR Earlier this month Tim Hortons released the brand new French Toast Breakfast Sandwich across Canada. So far, the new menu item is receiving criticism for not only being flavourless but not meeting the overall expectations of Canadians.

Tweets quickly began pouring in of people criticizing the lack of flavour in the slices of bread, not to mention the lack of maple flavouring itself:

Others are complaining that the sandwich hasn't even been available at their Tim Hortons location, despite being advertised as "available anytime."

Some Canadians just aren't sold on the quality of the new sandwich.

Clearly this attempt to re-create the McDonald's breakfast favourite, the McGriddle, has been a bit of a fail.

Simply calling the bread "French Toast" does not actually make it "French Toast".

And then there are those who have constructive criticism for the Canadian chain:

Overall, it just doesn't look like this new menu addition made the cut.

How do you feel about Tim Hortons new French Toast Breakfast Sandwich? Let us know in the comments!