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Tim Hortons Screwed Up And Gave Customer A Bag Full Of Roll Up The Rim Prizes

Cross your fingers for a car!
Tim Hortons Screwed Up And Gave Customer A Bag Full Of Roll Up The Rim Prizes

Roll-up the Rim is a giant Canadian party! Everyone gets super excited whenever this time of year rolls around and honestly, it's pretty warranted.

Tim Horton's gives away a ton of prizes and gifts and I'm pretty sure that whenever a Canadian buys a coffee, they're secretly praying that they win a car (hopefully it's not only me).

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But this year, a Tim Horton's in St-John's accidentally gave away a whole bunch of their winning tickets!

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Pamela Murphy got more than she bargained for when she went to Tim Horton's for lunch. All she really wanted was a grilled chicken sandwich, but she got much more than that when she opened up her bag after coming out of the drive-through. 

She opened a bag that contained, what she assumed, was over $1000 in prizes. Imagine hoping for a sandwich and getting that! I really don't know how those employees didn't feel the weight difference.

What's even crazier is that she freaking gave it back! Okay, yeah I'm all for honesty but she just lost herself a butt-load of free coffee. The manager thanked her and gave her a $40 gift card as a reward, but still, Pamela you should've just run. 

Basically, she didn't want any of the employees to get in trouble. So, okay, I guess that was the right thing to do. Good on ya, honey. And hey who knows, maybe with that good karma she's just secured for herself, she'll get herself a car.


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