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Tim Hortons To Start Selling Reese Mini-Cup Donuts

Candy for breakfast
Tim Hortons To Start Selling Reese Mini-Cup Donuts

Early in the week, I rely on Tim Hortons coffee and deals to keep me from falling asleep and/or flipping tables. I'm on a first-name basis with the employees at the franchise down the street from my apartment.

The Canadian chain is famous for its specialty items like the donut breakfast sandwich

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Its array of donuts stump me at least three times each week, much to the annoyance of those waiting in line behind me. Personally, I'm partial to the maple cream donut. So Canadian.

But everything has changed. This week, Tim Hortons announced that it is introducting a Reese Mini-Cup Donut. A. REESE. MINI-CUP. DONUT. Just one more option to keep me occupied in line.

Take a lookhere! "Peanut butter and chocolate? The only pair more perfect is this donut and your tastebuds," the website quips, and honestly, I have to agree.

The Reese Mini-Cup Donut has even already won a national competition. Last year, Canadians named it the winner of the Duelling Donuts competition.

Not only does it sound like the one food item that's been missing from my life, it's also adorable-looking. Crowned with a trio of mini-cups and nuts, it's sure to dominate the instagram-feed of every Canadian in the weeks to come.


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