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Tim Hortons Unveils All-New Summer Slushys Available Now Across Canada

Summer is officially here!
Tim Hortons Unveils All-New Summer Slushys Available Now Across Canada

If there is a drink that is intrinsically "summer," it has to be a slushy. And lucky for us, Tim Hortons has just announced that they will now be serving up slushys across Canada all summer!

There are two new Slushys that you can now get at Tim Hortons: Cherry and Blue Raspberry. Man, I love that "blue raspberry" is a flavour.

So good, so unique, so unreal.

[rebelmouse-image 26892290 photo_credit="Tim Hortons" expand=1 original_size="629x431"] Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is quick to mention on their site that these drinks are available for a limited time only, so you'll want to act fast if these sweet summer treats are speaking to you.

Though, I'm sure the "limited time" is likely all summer long. Especially since we'll like have to wait a while here in Montreal before we're sweating enough to need a slushy.

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The true test of these new Tims slushys is whether or not they live up to gas-station standards. Everyone knows the best place to get a slushy if you don't have 7-11, is the gas station.

If you're a die-hard fan of the Couche Tard variety, these babies might let you down. But who knows?! Maybe they will just become your new favourite.

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While the slushys haven't been out for long, some people have had a chance to get out there and give them a try already.

But you can't let one or two Twitter reviews decide for you, decide for yourself! Go give it a try and then let us know @MTLblog what you think!

Also, one Tims employee commented on the video above saying "ASK FOR A SHOT OF LEMON IN IT. IT TASTES 10x BETTER !!!!"

Head to Tim to learn more about their new Slushys! (Also, please note I have not been spelling this wrong the whole time... Tims has opted for the hard "y" in their spelling and what can I do?! I just deliver the news, y'all.)

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