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Tim Hortons Unveils Their All-New "Buffalo Crunch" Donut

Thinking outside of the donut box.
Tim Hortons Unveils Their All-New "Buffalo Crunch" Donut

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Tim Hortons is up to some serious stuff. Not only has the coffee chain just worked out a deal to be bought out/kinda merged with Burger King,  Tims is keeping the momentum going with a donut that is a step in a brand new direction: the Buffalo Crunch Donut.

A savoury donut unseen on any Tims menus before, the BCD (according to Grub Street) is a tear-able yeast donut dipped in Buffalo sauce and encrusted with chip crumbs. Corn-chip strips are placed in the center for decoration, and the donut can be ordered as mild or hot, the former dressed with Ranch dressing to cool down the heat.

A magic combination of junk-food flavours make up the BCD, but unfortunately, the donut is only available in New York during the New York State Fair. Go figure, a donut like this could only come out of America. Hopefully the new BK-influence will catalyze the creation of new sinful sweets like the BCD to be released across North America.

We've said again and again that we hope the BK-Tims merger would lead to a full-on donut burger added to the menu of one restaurant. Both companies said their business models would stay the same, and not change up their menus, but Market Watch seems adamant that a donut burger is one of the secret reasons BK made a grab for Tims. Don't know how true that last part is, but its given us new hope.

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