Tim Hortons Will Be Serving All-Day Breakfast In Canada

Dreams really do come true!
Tim Hortons Will Be Serving All-Day Breakfast In Canada

We have recently written a lot about Tim Hortons and their faltering popularity with the Canadian public. 

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This is not just an assumption, intuitive, or emotionally based theory - this is empirically supported facts. These official studies and consumer insights have shown a significant drop in Tim Horton's popularity over the past year.

It seems that consumers are overall not happy with the quality of the food and service, and they are opting to get their morning coffee at franchises like Macdonalds instead.

As a result, we are in the middle of what people are calling "coffee wars" or "battle of the breakfasts".

Mcdonalds just introduced a new product to their menu - bagels, to be able to compete with Tim Hortons wide bagel offering. And now, Tim Hortons is counter striking with an offer of all-day-breakfast.  An offering that Mcdonalds has rolled out across all of Canada since 2017.

Now, Tim Hortons will be testing out all-day-breakfast across select stores in Ontario, and it's likely that the service will continue to expand across Canada as the previous testing in 2013 has proven to be very successful. People love breakfast foods, what can I say?

That said, in order to get back on their feet and entice consumers once again, Timmies is testing out other products such as a kids menu, new packaging, kiosks, loyalty programs, and delivery.  If you can get me a double-double and a Tim Matin sandhiwhc in under 20 minutes, I just might consider switching over. 

Hopefully, things will pick up with Tim Hortons, because although I do agree with the decline in the quality of the food, the brand still speaks to me on a deeply Canadian-level and I can't help but root for them.


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