Tim Hortons Will Start Selling Premium Lattes And Espressos

Take that, Starbucks! Tims is life!
Tim Hortons Will Start Selling Premium Lattes And Espressos

If you're anything like me (a proud Canadian), then you're probably obsessed with Tim Horton's.

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Honestly, you don't even have to like Tim Horton's to be obsessed with it. I mean, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like Tim's at least a little, but you know. To each their own.

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The reason why Tim's is so awesome, though? Because it's a proud hallmark of Canada. Also, those French Vanillas though.

And very soon, Tim Hortons is going to start rolling out a brand new and awesome addition to the menu we all know so well (and love so much).

Right now, Tim's is testing out premium espresso drinks (like lattes and cappuccinos) in certain markets in Canada, like in Vancouver and London, Ontario.

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By next spring, chances are most Tim Hortons cafes across the country will have brand new, legit espresso machines (costing about $12,000), meaning they'll be able to make legit espresso-based drinks.

The drinks right now - while tasty - are made from powdered mixes, so this is sure to be a super welcome addition.

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