Time Is Running Out To Visit Montreal's Famous Clock Tower Beach Before It Closes For The Summer

Although the summer officially ends on September 21st, this weekend is the TRUE end of summer. After all, you're technically not allowed to wear white after labour day, and fashion is really what dictates the seasons. 

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But this article isn't about fashion, it's about all the awesome seasonal spots in Montreal that pop up temporarily for the summer and totally disappear in the winter.  

You must take full advantage of these places while they are open because before you know it, they are gone for the winter. 

For example, I recently wrote about the Canal Lounge "floating bar" that is only open until the first week of October.  

Today, I wanted to give all Montrealers a quick reminder that the famous Clock Tower beach will officially close its "doors" on September 2nd!  

That's right, this weekend is the last one you can go down to the old port and enjoy the views and sun at Clock Tower beach.

It's a great spot to escape to and take in the sun for a while. The best part, it costs only a toonie to get in. That's right, only 2$ cover. What a deal!

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Check out their official site here for more info!

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