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Time Is Running Out To Visit Montreal's "Floating Bar" Before It Closes For Fall

It's almost sweater weather time! I can feel it in the air early in the morning; it's such an amazing feeling to finally be able to sleep through an entire night without waking up in a pool of sweat.

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That said, September is STILL summer. Technically speaking the last day of summer and the first day of autumn falls on the 22nd of September 2018. 

Montreal is filled with seasonal restaurants, terraces, and attractions. September is the month that you must get outside and do all thing stuff you promised you would during the summer. It's not too late! 

One spot that is the pure definition of seasonal attraction is Canal Lounge; open from mid-may to early October. 

Canal lounge is located on the Lachine Canal - obviously - and is open from spring until fall. It remains stationary on the docks located a few steps away from the Atwater Market.

Its relaxed ambiance, stunning interior, and laid-back music are perfect for a 5 à 7 or a night out with friends. Once inside, this spot really gives the impression that you've been transported to another place.

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I checked out their Facebook page and saw that they close for the season on the first week of October.  In other words, you have about a month to make a trip down to this cozy boat for a drink with friends.

Canal Lounge is open Tuesday-Sunday from 3pm-11pm. For more info check out their Facebook page HERE!

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