Tinder + LinkedIn = LinkedUp, The New Snob of Dating Apps

Stop slumming it with Tinder. Forget the bums. Find real men/women in SUITS!
Tinder + LinkedIn = LinkedUp, The New Snob of Dating Apps

How important is it that your potential someone-special goes to school? Or has some sort of meaningful employment? Maybe a really nice car? Let's be honest, in a lot of ways, this is what matters.

If you're looking for more than a few intimate thrills, and want some common ground your with your potential mating partner, then LinkedUp is the new app for you. It goes beyond cheesy photos and more in depth compared to Tinder.

LinkedUp was originally generated for professionals to interact with one another but it's been re-designed and open to the public so you can find much more than professional relationships. WINK.

Essentially, it shows where someone is from, what they do, where they went to school and it filters your matches based on shared work interests/connections, proximity and age/gender.

It works the same as Tinder with the whole "liking" sitch, but this App here provides you with more insight and promising folk.

Rather than clicking "like" based on a few beautiful pictures, ensure that this person has the package deal, or else why waste your time chatting? (not to slam Tinder but it really is a waste of time).

Who knows this App could be a great story for the grand kids.

Would you switch over to LinkedUp?

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