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21 Sex Tips For Guys To Use On Their Girlfriends

Don't click if you're a pro already.
21 Sex Tips For Guys To Use On Their Girlfriends

Cosmo Magazine has always been famous for giving sex advice to girls.

Though most of the time that advice is overly complicated, downright wrong or completely insane. But they list them out with such confidence that some women fall for it.

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Sometime you wonder if the people who write these lists have ever actually had sex.

How else would they come up with things like: "Hold his penis in one hand and lightly slap it with the other"  or "tickle his feet with your nipples".

So the Reddit community decided to figure out what advice Cosmo would have it it were geared towards men.

And the results were epic!

1. Earn more money.


We asked every girl in the office and apparently this trick actually works.

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