Today Is International Happiness Day, So Be Happy

Get #Happy.
Today Is International Happiness Day, So Be Happy

Being happy shouldn't be a chore, but sometimes we all need a little reminder to be cheerful. It's easy to get bogged down and feel sad, just not today, because March 20th is International Day of Happiness. So says Pharell Williams and the United Nations.

International Day of Happiness is an event held to recognize humanitarian efforts around the world; a way for everyone to create a happier world for everyone, everywhere. The day was established in June 2012, and this year gets the benefit of a celeb singer attached.

It's also kind of cross-promotion for Pharell's song 'Happy' (which IMO is like a real-life version of the Lego Movie's "Everything is Awesome" song) and his new album, but at least it's attached to a good cause.

To get involved, submit an instagram pic or YouTube video to the official website, make sure to tag it #happy, and spread the glee. Celebrations start at noon, so you still have time to get lucky...err, I mean get happy. Hell, why not both.

For added enjoyment, check out the 24 Hours of Happy sister-site, which features a day-long music video to "Happy." Cool concept, and my respect goes to anyone who can last a whole day of only Pharell in their ears.

How will you be happy today?

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