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Today Is Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's Birthday

The best birthdays are on Fridays!
Today Is Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre's Birthday

It's a special day for the mayor of Montreal today as the one and only Denis Coderre turns 51. On July 25th, 1963, Coderre expelled right outta the womb, and about fifty years later, rocked Montreal with his ongoing and enigmatic run as mayor of the city.

You can show Coderre some love and tweet him a birthday well wish right here > @DenisCoderre.

Nothing shows appreciation like a #happybirthdaycoderre tweet.

You may not be the biggest fan of Coderre (like these mural-making folks) but no one can deny Montreal's mayor has done some things incredibly right, and has some legit plans to change Montreal for the better. Besides, no matter who you are, everyone deserves a happy birthday.

We'll get the ball rolling with: HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYOR CODERRE!

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