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Today Is Quebec Wine Drinking Day

And yes, this is a real thing.
Today Is Quebec Wine Drinking Day

Photo cred - Hum

If there was any day to get a little tipsy off of wine, Quebec wine, that is, today would be the day. No, not because it's Friday, you should be drinking Quebec-made wine today because September 12th is the official day to enjoy the wines of Quebec. Facebook says so.

Samuel Gosselin and Julie Bourdon, a married winemaking duo, decided to designate September 12th as "je déguste un vin québécois" day, thus making the need to drink Quebec wine today Facebook official. Inspired by event "Le 12 août, j'achète un livre québécois," the couple aim to dispel any negative preconceptions regarding the quality of Quebec wines and to encourage the growth of vineyards in the province.

To help the public get their hands on some wine from la belle province, Gosselin and Bourdon included many helpful links on the Facebook event page giving you info on Quebec wines and where to find them. Because we want you to get happy-wine-drunk today, and do Quebec a solid, the links are below:

Don't let this pseudo-holiday pass you by, and enjoy some Quebec-made wine this September 12th.

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