Today Is The Last Day Of Super Cold Temperatures Before Spring Arrives In Montreal

Spring showers and sunny days are on the way!
Today Is The Last Day Of Super Cold Temperatures Before Spring Arrives In Montreal

Today is cold. In fact, it's more than just a little chilly, to say the least. According to The Weather Network, Montreal's temperature is -12°C right now, with even more frigid conditions expected to hit the city this evening.

At this point it seems like it would be too much to ask for spring weather anytime soon. Fortunately that's where you're wrong.

Yes, the rumours are true, spring is in fact on its way. Not only that, but actual spring-like temperatures are expected to hit Montreal as early as next week! If that wasn't enough to excite you, our brutal snow conditions over the last few month will be replaced by spring showers and surprisingly sunny days.

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TL;DR The Weather Network has confirmed that spring temperatures are on the way in Montreal, despite weather today being well below freezing. Montrealers can expect snowy conditions to be exchanged for spring showers and sun over the coming days. More details below.

Despite today's temperatures being below normal for the beginning of March, Friday will bring weather more comparable to the first days of spring. This Sunday is when Montrealers will really begin to notice seasonal changes, as the average temperature for the day will be 2°C.

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From there, conditions in the city seem to improve, at their worst only reaching -5°C on Saturday, with temperatures rising to 6°C next Friday.

Montreal will not be the only city to see this sudden spring weather, either. Residents of Quebec City, St-Georges, and Trois-Rivieres will experience the first days of spring weather, as well. Unfortunately, the rest of the province will be welcoming more winter days for the time being.

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So, while you suffer through the brutal cold outside today, just remember that spring is expected to make its first arrival in a matter of days!

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