Today Marks 10 Years Since The Montreal Expos Played Their Last Game In The City

Gone but not forgotten.

Photo cred - Annakin Slayd

10 years ago today, the Montreal Expos played their final game of baseball in Montreal, ending 36 years of MLB in the city. September 29th may mark the decade-long absence of the Expos, but they are far from forgotten in the minds and hearts of Montrealers, and today is the day to prove Montreal still loves the Expos.

While the 10-year anniversary is a date tinged with sadness, the Montreal Baseball Project , a group dedicated to getting MLB back in Montreal, doesn't want everyone to be saddened by the memory of losing the Expos. Instead, the MBP wants every citizen to participate in a city-wide "day of defiance" to prove that the people of Montreal want the Expos back.

To show your support, the Montreal Baseball Project wants you to wear all of your Expos gear today (which shouldn't be hard for most, as the Expos logo has become kind of a nostalgic fashion trend recently) and send out #MONTRÉALBASEBALL tweets on any form of social media, to get the word out and show your support. Be sure to actually play some baseball too, as the MBP wants every diamond in the city filled with hopeful fans decked in Expos attire.

For more inspiration, check out the Montreal Baseball Project's surprisingly heartwarming promo for the 10-year Expos anniversary below, which will inspire you to participate and maybe even get your eyes a little watery.

Be sure to head over to the Montreal Baseball Project site to see how they're trying to get MLB back in Montreal, and what you can do to help. Expos fans unite.

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