Tomorrow Is The International 'Men Make Dinner Day'

Ladies, mark your calendars! Tomorrow, November 5th, all your dreams come true, because it's the International "Men Make Dinner" day!!! I didn't make this up, this is totally a thing. If you're in a couple, tomorrow is, possibly, the best day of the year for you. "Men Make Dinner" day is specifically aimed at men who never cook. In case your man is already a god in the kitchen, then this "holiday" might not excite you as much. Keep in mind, this day doesn't stop at simply cooking dinner... there are actual rules your man has to follow. I hope guys don't get offended with this list. Because it's just a cool way of showing your better half some love and affection.

"Men Make Dinner" day Rules:

1. "Men Make Dinner" day is always celebrated on the first Thursday of each November

2. Man voluntarily agrees to participate without asking for a boys night out in return

3. Man single-handedly chooses a recipe he wishes to complete in the kitchen

4. The recipe should have at least four ingredients and require more than one utensil to cook (You can't make something with only a fork, for example)

5. Man shops for all the necessary ingredients

6. Man organizes all the ingredients on the kitchen counter in order of importance. Questions like, "Honey, where's the salt?" are not allowed.

7. Man can play some ambiance music while cooking. Your better half or other family members are nowhere near the kitchen at this point.

8. Start cooking. Apron is optional.

9. Man keeps the cooking area clean as he cooks. No dirty forks, bowls or other kitchen supply.

10. Man sets the table. Think candles, wine... in other words, a restaurant setting.

11. Better half or other family family members are served. Everyone is happy. Chef is being congratulated.

12. After dinner, table is being cleaned by the man. Dishes loaded into the dishwasher by the man as well. You may now proceed to Netflix sessions.