Tomorrow Is World Beard Day

It's not just hair, it's awesomeness escaping from your face.
Tomorrow Is World Beard Day

Start twirling those whiskers gentlemen because World Beard Day is upon us. September 5th is the day of the year where you must start your beard off on the right foot, put your best beard forward and don't sleep too long because the early beard gets the worm.

So if you have a beard, show it off. Style it, decorate it, dye it a different color or just give yourself a big viking beard braid.

And if you don' have a beard, this is perfect time to start growing one. So grow that beard my friends, grow it a long as you can because when it comes to beards, size matter.

The beard length chart pretty much goes like: Cool - Wise - Crazy - Crazy Wise - Wizard. 

Photo cred - coltmonday


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