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Tomorrow Will Be The Warmest Day Of 2019 So Far In Montreal

We'll get a few hours of sunshine!
Tomorrow Will Be The Warmest Day Of 2019 So Far In Montreal

Springtime in Montreal is characterized by annoying flucutations in temperature until, suddenly, the cold retreats for good. Teasingly warm days are followed by brutal cold. Moreover, the quick succession of freeze and thaw cycles make the city an at-time icy, at-times muddy mess. It's just not a pleasant time.

This week, city residents will experience the wildest temperature fluctuation yet. With a peak temperature of 10 degrees, tomorrow, Friday March 15th, is set to be the warmest day of the year so far.

According to data compiledfrom Environment and Climate Change Canada, the highest temperature to have so far graced Montreal was around 7 degrees. The Friday temperature will shatter that record.

Via Temperature - Daily Data for Montreal

This is the forecast for the coming 24 hours, according to Météo Média:

Via Météo Média

The 10-degree day will not quite break the all-time heat record for March 15th, however, which was 12.4 degrees in 1989.

Unfortunately, the first part of the day will not present opportunities for Montrealers to enjoy the warm temperatures. Rain and heavy winds will dominate much of the morning.

@canenvironmentembedded via  

By the afternoon, however, the sun will appear with passing clouds, says Météo Média. Much of the city will likely pour outdoors to take advantage of some fleeting hours of warm sunshine.

Temperatures in the next week will not nearly reach this irritatingly short period of warmth. Between Saturday and Thusday March 21st, temperatures will range between -3 and 4 degrees, according to The Weather Network.

Of course, the spring equinox is less than a week away, so permanent warm temperature must be on the horizon. One can hope.

Stay tuned.

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