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Tonight Is Your Last Chance To Catch The Firework Festival In Montreal

The biggest one yet!
Tonight Is Your Last Chance To Catch The Firework Festival In Montreal

For the past couple of weeks, I've been writing and keeping everyone updated on the weekly show of the Fireworks Festival in Montreal. Today, I have another quick update for everyone!

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The first show kicked-off back in early July and now it's coming to a close. Tonight is the very last performance, and it's definitely going out with a big bang!

As usual, the show is being held at La Ronde and when viewed from up close, it's not just a fireworks demo, but a spectacle of fireworks and coordinated music and light show, it's truly amazing. 

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However, you can enjoy the fireworks from many rooftop bars in Montreal or from the edge of the Old Port as well.  There are a couple of key spots around the city that are known for having great views of the show.

This finale show's name is "For Your Eyes Only" and will feature a special "James Bond" theme. 

If you're interested in checking out the show up close, you can buy tickets from La Ronde online HERE!

Otherwise, click HERE to check out some other great spots to check out the fireworks from a distance.

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