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Top 10 All-New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out With Your Friends ASAP

Places your mouths are going to enjoy.
Top 10 All-New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out With Your Friends ASAP

I think, at this stage in the game, I don't even need to tell you how awesome Montreal's food scene is. We're constantly praised for having awesome cuisine; seriously iconic restaurants; and new spots to nosh opening up left and right.

My personal favourite part of Montreal's dining domain? The diversity. We've got so many different cultures in Montreal, and that really shines through in our food selection.

Our diversity and obvious passion for cuisine makes Montreal one of the best spots for dining, I think, and one of the ways it really shows is through the sheer number of spots that open up all the time in the city. Even right now, as you're reading this, a new spot is probably opening up somewhere - and there are definitely a whole bunch of awesome, hot spots to eat that have already opened up in the past few months. But no worries if you can't keep track of it all. That's what I'm here for.

1. For mac and cheese, check out Macbar et Fromage

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1345 Rue Ontario E

Mac and cheese lovers, rejoice. At this Ontario spot, you can choose from more than 10 different macaroni and cheese combinations, all of them super unique - like their Pesto and Tomato, with brie cheese and pesto - and tasty.


2. For ice cream, check out Dalla Rose

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4609 Rue Notre-Dame O

Ice cream is bae, and although Montreal has some core ice cream spots, there's nothing like a brand new place to get our fave frozen desserts. Dalla Rose, in St. Henri, serves up tasty, creamy, sweet ice cream delights made with organic dairy - including ice cream sandwiches served on homemade cookies.


3. For tacos, check out Taco Bar

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5674 Av de Monkland

Tacos are life - but I don't think I have to tell you that. There's nothing quite in the world like a fresh and authentic taco, and one of the newest places to get your taco fix is at NDG's Taco Bar. Although they really focus on serving up some ace tacos, they also have some other options on the menu, like alambres and guacomole.


4. For vegetarian food, check out B Montreal

A photo posted by Asami Yoga (@asamiyoga) on

1207 Rue Rachel E

This cute Plateau restaurant specializes in healthy food, and includes vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.


5. For brunch, check out Arthurs Nosh Bar

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4621 Rue Notre-Dame O

This adorable and trendy Sud-Ouest spot specializes in awesome Jewish fare and diner type food. A selection of their menu? Latkes, gravlax sandwiches, and a wide array of salads.


6. For salad, check out VertU

A photo posted by VertU Bar Santé (@vert_u) on

125 Rue Saint Viateur O

A health food bar situated in Montreal's Mile End, VertU specializes in deluxe style salads, juices, and many more healthy/tasty things.


7. For bao buns, check out HÀO

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255 Rue Rachel E

Bao buns are fluffy, filled with pure happiness, and gloriously steamed to absolute perfection. The ones at Montreal's Hào are all of these and more, and come in two separate flavours: pork, featuring soy marinated pulled pork, and vegetarian, with tofu and mushrooms.


8. For jerk chicken, check out Local Jerk

A photo posted by LOCAL JERK (@localjerk) on

8 Avenue Duluth E

Somewhat hidden in Montreal's Plateau, Local Jerk focuses on fragrant and flavourful jerk chicken, as well as smoothies and roti.


9. For Japanese, check out Noren

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77 Rue Rachel O

A relatively new spot in the Plateau, Noren features a changing weekly dish (like Poke) made with wholesome, tasty, and fresh ingredients.


10. For bistro cuisine, check out Caribou Gourmand

A photo posted by CARIBOU GOURMAND, Bistro (@caribou.gourmand) on

5308 Boul St-Laurent

Located on Montreal's Boulevard Saint Laurent, Caribou Gourmand specializes in trendy and tasty bistro food. Protip? Try their trout and caviar tartare, it'll change up your lunch game.


BONUS: To curb that Pokémon GO craving, go to Poké Bar

A photo posted by Audrée Dufresne (@deeyhblondie) on

2153 Rue Crescent

Real talk, Poké is amazing. It's got all the fixings of an awesome dish (raw fish, rice, and a whole lot of creativity), plus it's got Poké right in the name. Which is perfect for those of us who are adequately obsessed with Pokémon GO.


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