Top 10 All-New Montreal Murals On Saint-Laurent Street To Go And See As Soon As Possible

Photo cred - Pierre Ethier

Muralfest has come and gone, but the artwork is here to stay, and it's about damn time we gave some cred to the fantastic new pieces of street art that have been beautifying Montreal. Some artists got the shaft on our list, simply because they didn't make one giant mural (sorry CAZO Factory & Stikki Peaches) but that doesn't mean they are any less awesome than those below. Be sure to head to the Muralfest FB page and website for pics on all the works of Muralfest 2014. You can find all of these amazing murals on a walk up St. Laurent street, with most right on the boulevard or just short jaunt to the right or left. If you're perplexed, use Muralfest's handy map, showing you all the locations with artist names. Before you do that though, check out our favourite new murals on St. Laurent from Muralfest 2014:

1. Cyrcle

2. Alexis Diaz

3. Bryan Beyung

4. Bezt d'Etam Cru

5. 123klan

6. Zema

7. Alex Scaner

8. Kashink

9. Seth

10. Kevin Ledo

Which is your new favourite mural?

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