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Top 10 Cute Montreal Bakeries You Can Go To For Cupcakes

Happiness that fits in the palm of your hand.

Hey, remember years and years ago, when cupcakes became super popular and everyone thought they were just a fad that would go away? Yeah. So do I, friends. But thankfully, cupcakes endured. They evolved. And now, I truly believe that they are the world's most perfect dessert.

Seriously, what's  not to love? Tasty and moist cake? Good! Thick and rich icing? Good! Small, convenient, easy-to-shove-in-your-mouth-by-the-fistful size? Good! Cupcakes are all good, friends; and although Montreal has tons of adorable spots to go and grab a cupcake, a select few truly stand out from the bunch.

1. D Liche

A photo posted by William Valle ⚪️ (@frenchcuisse) on

3964 Rue St Denis

I'm pretty sure that, at this point, this Plateau spot is one of the most well-known cupcake joints in the whole city. But, trust, their popularity is well-earned. The cupcakes here are the stuff of actual legends.

It's true that D Liche serves up a wide array of super unique flavours - which includes triple chocolate, key lime, peanut butter chocolate chip, and red velvet; and flavours like fig and cheese, French toast, Boston cream pie, and earl grey on rotation - but honestly, D Liche could serve up a cupcake that tasted like literally nothing and it would still be delicious. The ingredients are all top notch; the cupcakes are cooked to moist perfection; and, okay, the flavours are incredible as well.


2. Bar A Beurre

A photo posted by Élodie (@elodiemaher) on

350 Rue Notre-Dame E

If you're looking for an adorable spot to nosh on some seriously delicious cupcakes, then look no further. Bar A Beurre is here to save the day.

An incredibly cozy and beautifully decorated bakery on Notre-Dame street, Bar A Beurre specializes in serving two things: bules a beurre, thick, ball-like cookies with special fillings, and cupcakes. And their cupcakes? Yeah, out of this world, consisting of moist cake and tasty, super creamy icing. Also, they've got pink lemonade flavour cupcakes, which is pretty much the best thing I've ever encountered in my whole life.


3. Cocoa Locale

A photo posted by Abla Majid (@ablamajid1) on

4807 Av du Parc

Alright, cupcake fans, prepare to cry real tears of joy the second you sink your teeth into one of Cocoa Locale's morsels of actual happiness.

I don't know how this Plateau bakery manages to do it, but their cupcakes are consistently amazing, bar none. The cake is incredibly moist, with just the right fluff factor; the generous layer of icing is thick and rich; and it all comes together to make one seriously decadent, delicious dessert. Protip: their lemon cupcakes? Yeah. Might just literally blow your mind, warning you now.

4. Les Cupcakes Emmagination

A photo posted by Melodie Cohn (@melodiec) on

98 Avenue Westminster N

Fair warning, you will absolutely get addicted to these cupcakes - they're honestly that delicious, and they come in a wide array of unique flavours (like Banana Cream Caramel, banana cake with vanilla buttercream and caramel drizzle; or their Pretty Woman cupcake, which is strawberry vanilla cake with strawberry filling, chocolate ganache and vanilla buttercream), so that you'll legit want to eat a few of these treats for every single, solitary meal.

Plus, their space is seriously gorgeous, too. Their cozy and cute cupcake cafe includes free wifi, coffee, and some serious good vibes, meaning that you'll get to enjoy one (or five) honestly tasty cupcake in a trendy and all-around awesome setting.


5. Dolce & Gateaux

A photo posted by Phébé Gagnon-Courville (@sabine_gc) on

27 Rue Bernard Ouest

An adorable, upscale, and incredibly welcoming cupcake spot, Dolce & Gateaux serves up their decadent, delicious desserts with a splash of class and style, making it one seriously awesome PLACE to catch up with friends over cupcakes... or do anything, really, as long as there are cupcakes involved.

Speaking of cupcakes, the ones at Dolce & Gateaux are literally mouthwatering. They're super fresh and moist, and they've got a super vast variety of different flavours, like Limoncello (!), espresso, banana, and much, much more. Put all of this together, and you've got yourself your new favourite cupcake shop.


6. Yuki

A photo posted by A Taste of Montreal ~ ????? (@taste.montreal) on

1744 rue William

Three words guys: green tea cupcakes. That's right. Yuki Bakery, located in Montreal's Sud-Ouest, serves up a delectable array of awesome cupcakes - like red velvet, chocolate, salted caramel, and, yes, even green tea.

But to be completely honest with you guys, it doesn't matter which flavour you get. The cupcakes at this tiny and adorable shop are all incredibly moist, rich, and delightful; so no matter what you pick, you're in for one seriously awesome cupcake trip, friends.


7. Cookie Stéfanie

A photo posted by Amélie L. ? (@ameliel) on

272 Rue Saint-Jacques

Gluten-free friends, where you at? Cookie Stefanie is a beautiful, trendy, and super warm spot in Montreal that specializes in serving gluten-free cookies, cupcakes, and other desserts, as well as awesome gluten-free grilled cheeses.

By far, one of my fave things to nosh on at Cookie Stefanie are their cupcakes, though. The first time I tried them, I could literally not believe they had no gluten in them; the cake was moist and rich, the icing was super thick, flavourful, and just sweet enough, and the whole thing was simply amazing. But, it's true. Their awesome cupcakes are made without gluten, so basically anyone can indulge in this treat.


8. Dolci Piu

A photo posted by Katie Cung (@katiecung) on

849 Boulevard Décarie

This spot is located in Ville Saint-Laurent, and while it might be a bit of a trek for some of us, trust me when I tell you that it's more than worth the travel time.

Dolci Piu's already known for having awesome Italian pastries - including some of Montreal's best cannoli - but honestly, you should totally be trying their out of this world cupcakes, too. Featuring incredibly tasty and rich cake, and thick, creamy, tasty icing swirled on top, Dolci Piu also has some super solid lunchtime selections as well. So you can grab yourself a sandwich and a cupcake, sit down, and truly enjoy your life.


9. Cho'cola

A photo posted by David (@davidmarasco) on

5601 Av de Monkland

Feeling like popping into one seriously adorable shop for one seriously awesome cupcake? Then NDG's Cho'cola's got you covered.

First of all, no worries if you've got allergies, because Cho'cola is a nut free environment, meaning that those of us who've got to just say no to nuts can devour a tasty cupcake in peace. But that's not the only awesome thing about this spot, guys. Honestly, Cho'cola offers an unparalleled trendy yet welcoming environment, fresh and tasty cupcakes, and some incredibly solid flavour options (like their cheesecake, which comes with a tiny chunk of cheesecake right on top), making for one cupcake experience you won't soon forget.


10. Itsi Bitsi Cake

A photo posted by @a5walling on

2507 Rue Notre-Dame O

No joke, the food industry is super rough in Montreal. Which is why when a spot manages to stay open for literally forever, you can take that as a huge sign that their products are top quality.

Itsi Bitsi's been around for about a decade, which is amazing - and, once you try one of the treats here, you won't even question why. Featuring seriously moist, airy, and fluffy cupcakes, topped with decadent, tasty icing - and made by hand with 100% real butter - the cupcakes here are the real, delicious deal, friends. Eat a couple right there in Itsi Bitsi's cute shop, or grab a box and eat the whole thing at home. It's all good, friends. It's all good.


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