Top 10 Cute Montreal Cafés You Can Go To With Your BFFs This Summer

Because you love your friends a latte!
Top 10 Cute Montreal Cafés You Can Go To With Your BFFs This Summer

Going for coffee is essentially a staple of burgeoning adulthood, and also a favourite activity for close friends who are looking to catch up, hang out, and just enjoy one another's company.

For this week's coffee date, why not break up the mundane a little? Instead of hitting up the nearby chain coffee company around the corner, make a little extra effort to scope out local gems. They often provide way better atmosphere, unique drinks, and best of all, comfy, cozy ambiance that will create the perfect setting for your hours-long life chats.

So, set your calendars with your closest friend or your whole crew, and pencil in one of the amazing places listed here. Time to get sipping, friends.

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200 Rue Notre-Dame O

1. Tommy

At this point, Tommy has pretty much reached iconic status; and for good reason, because this gem in Old Port is absolutely worth going to. The high ceilings, gorgeous windows, and myriad of green plants set against the calming white decor is just perfect for a relaxing time with friends.

Of course, the coffee is good to boot. The busy, but not ultra noisy, atmosphere is also perfect for conversation - tuck yourself away in the high rows with your mugs and chat the day away.


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904 Rue Sherbrooke O

2. Humble Lion

Situated right across from McGill, this student favourite not only has some amazing espresso and cappuccino, but the gentle hustle and bustle creates the perfect background noise for you and your company. Minimalist in style, the Humble Lion is a great option for a quick coffee break with a friend, and it maintains just the right level of traffic to keep a content atmosphere.


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3500 Av du Parc | 600 Rue Jean-Talon E

3. El Mundo

A simple, welcoming, constantly buzzing cafe also close to a student area, El Mundo instantly feels like a staple hang out spot. The booths make it perfect for a bigger group of friends if that’s your case, and the staff are really warm and friendly. You'll find lots of people studying here, but don't worry about disturbing anyone - students often work in groups and chatter rises from nearly every table.

They also have a decent menu of snacks, and bonus, they serve alcohol. So if you suddenly need a pick-me-up but don’t want to have to scope out a bar, this place has you covered. Head to El Mundo to enjoy the warmth and comfort that this little corner cafe creates so well.


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124 Rue St-Viateur Ouest

4. Olimpico

Of course, what makes Cafe Olimpico a Montreal favourite is the incredible coffee creations they offer - and no doubt, these are worth the trip alone. But it’s the laid-back, fun environment that makes it the perfect spot to spend an afternoon or evening catching up with friends.

It also boats the authenticity of a real Italian cafe, so you and your closest buds will appreciate the ambiance - you’ll definitely feel like a part of the neighbourhood. Really, it's just the perfect place to sit back, relax and share good times.


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5612 Av de Monkland | 1206 Rue Stanley


One of the more hipster, trendy cafes in Montreal, MELK is perfect for friends who are constantly on the hunt for somewhere new and interesting to enjoy a catch-up session over coffee. Both cafe locations are on the smaller side, so they definitely create that intimate environment you're looking for.

But be warned, go during peak hours and you may have a hard time finding a table. Otherwise, MELK is a must-try for many reasons, and one of the ideal settings for friends looking to cozy up with a delicious drink.


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378 Rue Saint Zotique E

6. La Brume Dans Mes Lunettes

Ok guys, this may be the cutest cafe in the city - I mean, the name itself suggests a whimsical quirkiness that this places certainly embodies. The quaint decorations and mismatched comfy chairs are the absolute perfect setting to sidle in next to your best friend and share anything from gossip to heartache.

A standout that people rave about here is the friendly and helpful attitude of the staff, which is also key to creating the perfect homey feeling for your BFF date. La Brume Dans Mes Lunettes also carries some delicious treats - if you or your bestie need to heal a broken heart, consider this place as your top choice to do so alongside your regular coffee or tea.

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4615 Boul St-Laurent

7. Melbourne

So I must confess, Cafe Melbourne may not entirely fit the “cozy” vibe that I’m seeking to achieve with this list, but I simply had to include it, because it’s quite possibly the friendliest of all cafes. Run by Australian expats, this Plateau cafe’s sign reads, in French, “Our French isn’t very good but our coffee is.” How honest and endearing is that? And if you or your friend is a sucker for Australian accents, well, walk on in and *swoon*.

The cool, friendly vibe carries right through to the cafe itself, with affordable prices and relaxed surroundings. If you and your friends tend to spend hours chatting, dishing secrets, or simply enjoying one another’s company, Melbourne is the perfect place to pass the time without feeling rushed. Also, they serve some authentic Australian food, so if you've always wanted to try some Aussie fare (or you just love the accents, as I mentioned), Cafe Melbourne is the perfect place to start.


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912 Rue Marie-Anne E

8. Le moineau masque

Comfortable couches, twinkling lights, exposed brick, and an adorable garden patio? Yes, yes, and more yes, friends. Le moineau masque is so pretty, you might occasionally zone out from your in-depth convo with a friend to simply glance around and admire.

You can see the work that went into making this place feel like a quirky artist’s living room, and it pays off with an awesome, welcoming vibe. Go here for a serene break from the stressful day-to-day, and relish in great company and gorgeous surroundings. What more could a pair of friends need?

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2713 Rue Notre-Dame O

9. Lili & Oli

First of all, how cute is this name!? A little gem, Lili & Oli instantly provides the simplicity and charm of the area surrounding. This cafe is a totally perfect fit for a relaxing coffee date, with rustic decor, classic drink creations, and endearing old-world pieces of art.

If you need an inspiring place to hang with your best friend, somewhere to feel both relaxed and invigorated, Lili & Oli is a great choice. Get there before tourist season!

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72 Rue Jarry E

10. Ouis Mais Non

Ah, Ouis Mais Non - the whimsical cafe with a little shop next door to check out after you finish your coffee. So perfect, right? Right. This trendy spot falls on the same spectrum as Le moineau masque, with the mismatched, comfy furniture, and the vibe feels something similar to a cabin or a modern cottage.

Once you settle in to hang with your friend, you'll feel right at home, almost like you're cuddled up next to a bookshelf in the coziest corner of your house. Pro tip: the tea comes in a really cute setup, so order that to set the stage for your heart-to-heart. Honestly, the adorable atmosphere at Ouis Mais Non could make anyone pour their heart out.


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