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Top 10 Cutest Montreal Restaurants To Go To With Your BFFs This Summer

Friendship goals.
Top 10 Cutest Montreal Restaurants To Go To With Your BFFs This Summer

In any best-friendship, some of the fondest memories have undoubtedly taken place over a delicious meal – paired with more than a few drinks, of course. And in a city overflowing with delicious, diverse, award-winning restaurants, you and your closest pal are guaranteed to find something perfect for your unique tastes. This list is just a snapshot of the never-ending options for your foodie friendship – and, bonus, these dishes are guaranteed to be Instagram worthy.

1. Ceviches

A photo posted by Charlene Zhang (@charleneshzhang) on

152 Napoleon

An excellent choice for the daring BFF foodies, Ceviches does an outstanding job at traditional Caribbean and Latin American cuisine. Both of you will want to order different things, and no doubt you’ll be returning again and again to try all of the ceviches – a total hit!


2. Sel Gras

A photo posted by Sel Gras Montreal (@selgrasrestaurant) on

5245 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

A great option for the more adventurous BFFs, Sel Gras has a diverse profile of Mediterranean and European flavours – you’ll definitely be trying bites from one another’s plates. Reviewers rave about the great service, which is ideal for when you’re trying something new. Montrealers love to boast about the quality of the city’s restaurants, and Sel Gras definitely lives up to the hype.


3. Lawrence

A photo posted by shay (@shahista_kassam) on

521 Boulevard St. Laurent

I know there’s a stereotype that BFFs just love to brunch together, and I think that might be true, so here’s another great spot for your (probably hungover) breakfast. Featuring traditional English-style breakfasts, Lawrence’s lunch and dinner menus are also impressive and inventive. With so many options to choose from in the Mile End, Lawrence should definitely be on your shortlist.


4. Juliette Et Chocolat

A photo posted by F A I T H (@imfvith) on

377 Avenue Laurier O | 3600 Boul St-Laurent | Multiple locations

Sure, the name exudes romance – but who says you can’t take your BFF on a well-deserved date? With convenient locations throughout the city, this cutesy spot specializes in chocolates from around the world, but their menu goes beyond just dessert. If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, and need to vent about the woes of your love life, Juliette Et Chocolat is an easy choice.


5. L’Gros Luxe

A photo posted by Stephanie♡⚓️ (@stephianz) on

3807 Rue Saint-André

Ok, I cheated a little – this hipster-esque eatery is best known for its delicious Caesars, which come topped with anything from onion rings to mini cheeseburgers. That being said, the food is tasty and reasonably priced; but who knows, the extravagant Caesar may be enough of a meal on its own! The fun, relaxed atmosphere will definitely get your and your BFF ready for a night on the town – clink your Mason jars and enjoy.


6. Sumac

A photo posted by Sumac Restaurant (@sumacrestaurant) on

3618 Notre Dame Ouest

If you’re looking for something delicious that won’t break the bank, the authentic Middle-Eastern menu at Sumac will deliver. Even better, the serving portions are fairly big – bring your BFF to ensure that you leave the plate clean.


7. Lola Rosa

A photo posted by lolarosa (@lolarosacafe) on

545 Rue Milton | 4581 Avenue du Parc

If you or your BFF is vegetarian, Lola Rosa is ideal – and the food’s outstanding quality is sure to satisfy the most devoted of meat lovers. This restaurant is described as “vegetarian comfort food in a warm space”, and that couldn’t be more accurate; if you’re close to the McGill area, you simply must grab your bestie and give it a try.


8. Lattuca BBQ

A photo posted by Lattuca Barbecue (@lattucabarbecue) on

15 Rue de la Commune Ouest

With the messiness that often comes with eating BBQ fare, you’ll want to bring someone you’re comfortable with to pig out at Lattuca – and who better than your BFF? Make a reservation at this busy spot, and relish in the authentic beef brisket or popular pork ribs. Sharing plates are also an option here – but you might not want to share these delectable meats, even with your closest confidante.


9. Boustan

A photo posted by @sandiyoussef_ on

2020A Crescent

One of the more low-key, casual options on this list, Boustan doesn’t have to dress up to impress you – the mouth-watering Lebanese dishes speak for themselves. This is a great place to start if you and your BFF are seeking the authentic cultural sector of Montreal restaurants. This city is incredibly diverse, and Boustan is one of the many gems that showcase our love of culture.


10. Le Cartet

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ SAMANTHA KNOXX (@samanthaknoxx) on

106 Rue McGill

Located in the always beautiful Old Port, Le Cartet is a great place to fuel up for your day of sightseeing, relaxing, or café-hopping in the city’s historic center. A wonderful brunch option, this restaurant does the classics – crepes, eggs benedict, smoked salmon – just right. Who doesn’t want an opportunity to make everyone jealous with their Sunday brunch Instagram?


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