Top 10 Cutest Montreal Restaurants You And Your BFFs Need To Treat Yourselves To ASAP

You'll be 514% impressed by there places.
Top 10 Cutest Montreal Restaurants You And Your BFFs Need To Treat Yourselves To ASAP

We’ve been trying to deny it for a while now, but comes a time when you have to face the fact: autumn is only a few weeks away.

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As much as we all love scarves and oversized sweaters, the beginning of fall also means spending less time out in the sunshine with your squad.

But, that does not mean seeing them less often only because the Tam-Tam season is over.

Fall 2016 will be perfect to discover new and classic cute restaurants that offer comforting and healthy(ish) food in a beautiful and dreamy setting.

BFFs time is sacred and you wouldn’t want it to be spoiled with bland-tasting food and decors dating from the time you weren’t even around.

This list of BFF-approved restaurants will definitely become part of your Friday night when you and your BFFs take each others out as well as your Sunday brunch rituals.

1.Invitation V

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254 Bernard Ouest

Offering a delicious plant-based menu, varying from light vegan omelette at brunch to hearty tofu bourguignon for dinner, you are definitely not going wrong with Invitation V. The chic and modern Mile-End based restaurant is located on Bernard Street, so you and your besties can go on a walk after that awesome curry stew to indulge on some Bilboquet sorbet, only if you did not order the entire triple chocolate cake (like it strangely happens too often to me).



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1414 Notre Dame Ouest

Meaning “where” in Danish and pronounced VOR, this place is truly where your taste buds want to be. Inspired by their garden-grown vegetables, spices and herbs which are the root of their menu, chef S’arto Chartier Otis offers a 3 or 5 service tasting menu along with wine pairing, which are a plus when you haven’t seen your BFFs in a while and have a lot to talk about. The place itself is beautiful and glamourous but it only does justice to the presentation of the perfectly arranged meals you will be served. It would almost be a crime not to instagram your five course.


3. La Habanera

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1216, Union

The Cuban-insprired and colourful decoration is the reason why I forced invited my favourite human being to this place, but the food and music is why we keep coming back. Located downtown, Habanera offers a Cuban pâté-chinois along with the more classic tapas, ribs, ceviches, empanadas and mouth-watering salads paired with refreshing home cocktails. It is one of these places where you have to order many things and share it with your BFFs, because everything looks too delicious.


4. Chu Chai

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4088 St-Denis

Located in the heart of the unique Plateau and serving the finest mock meats and “bouchés de saveurs” (literally) this place is truly one of a kind. The whole squad will be surprised by the crispiness of the glazed-“duck” and the texture of the curry “beef”. They also serve well-balanced cocktails, which pair extraordinarily well with the meals. And bonus: it is the facing neighbour of Lush St-Denis, so you can get some bath bombs just after sharing three or four plates with your favourite pal #treatyoself.


5. Santa Barbara

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6696 de St-Vallier

This fantastic restaurant could deserve its place on this list only solely for hosting Wine Discovery Wednesday where they offer 20% on 4 conscientiously selected wine, but they also offer such comforting foods that you will easily feel at home in this cozy but vibrant setting. So really there is almost no reason not to order one bottle of each of their selection to share with your friends with a mezze duo or some briny oysters. Only note that they often change their short menu, but they always have lots of vegetarian plates, some meat and some fish or seafood along with a signature drink, which is perfect to mentally prolong that summer feel.


6. Butterblume

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5836 St-Laurent

For the days when you and you BFF can’t agree whether to grab a cup a coffee or to share a meal you can head to the Mile-End, where Butterblume offers both in addition to being a little shop. The bestie can then enjoy her Hale Espresso coffee while you enjoy your flavourful gaspacho. The minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired decoration is simply adorable, and you can even make your own bouquet of their lovely flowers and offer it as a friendship gift (or keep it for yourself, you deserve it!).


7. Momo Sushi

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4669 St-Denis

This renowned sushi place is completely vegan since last January but even my fish-lover BFFs now swear by it. Offering a large variety of gluten-free options, it is easy to agree on this restaurant when you are your crew don’t share the same diet. But fear not, their menu is full of taste, made with fresh ingredients, and tempura-full. Try a Combo Party, which consist of 4 miso soups or 4 salads and 60 pieces of different kinds of sushi. Is there anything more #friendshipgoals than sharing sushi while drinking sake?


8. Mandy's

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5033 Sherbrooke Ouest, multiple locations.

I don’t know about you, but my idea of a perfect date with my BFFs is a morning yoga session followed by a huge salad and a chitchat session. Mandy’s offers all of that, except for the yoga session, in a girly yet simple setting. Now that fall is just around the corner I may as well switch my kale salad for a warm vegetable soup, while (thankfully) keeping the same address for our weekly meetings.


9. Arthurs Nosh Bar

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4621 Notre-Dame Ouest

Located in St-Henri, Arthurs offers a fresh and creative jewish-inspired menu for you and your BFFs to discover. This charming place has a lot of natural lighting which is perfect to help cure your vitamin D deficiency while enjoying a comforting cabbage roll before taking one of the last few walks of fall along the beautiful Lachine Canal with the besties.


10. Le Speakeasy

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120 McGill

The prohibition-themed seafood restaurant always has a great atmosphere and is perfect to take your gals out. Whether you are celebrating, catching up or even trying to make one of the girls feel better about a sad recent event, there is nothing champagne oysters can’t resolve. Try the sharing plates, because if my mama taught me something is that everything’s better when shared (although everything already pretty damn good).


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