Top 10 Funny Montreal Resto/Venue Names

Yes, these are all real.
Top 10 Funny Montreal Resto/Venue Names

Just outside of Montreal is a strangely named cafe that made a few of us crack up a bit with laughter. More on the name later, but it got us to thinking, what other bizarre/stupid/hilariously named places are there in Montreal?

With a handful of languages to work with, resto/business/venue names in Montreal have a lot to linguistically work with. Some succeed, other fail, to an epic degree, and it is awesome. FB links are included so you know we ain't making this stuff up.

Many thanks to the Montreal redditors who helped out with this post by answering the thread we started. Sorry to be sneaky.

w00t Cafe

  • The one that started it all. You'll find this gem along highway 20 in Dorval, which gains its name from the outdated 'net slang for "woohoo." Doesn't even look like its an internet just know some 50 year old named this joint to appeal "to all those kids on that there interwebs." See it for yourselves here.

Hentai Restaurant

  • To everyone who isn't a pervy anime fanboy, "hentai" refers to japanimated porn that usually involves tentacles and incredibly large breasted women. Exactly the kind of imagery you want associated with your sushi restaurant, which despite the name, is apparently pretty delicious.
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Toutounes Atomique

  • This sounds like it could be a low-budget French horror film that features radioactively enlarged overweight women who begin trashing cities. In reality, it's just a hip store catering to plus-sized women.
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  • Strip clubs get a little more leeway in terms of ridiculous names (Super Sexe) but Octopussy is something else entirely. Not only is the mental image kind of horrific, the strip clubs shares its name with a 1983 James Bond flick. The 80s were a very different time.

Foufounes Electrique

  • Cheap beer, cool bands, and a name that basically means electric vagina? This bar really does have it all...
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Fukyu Sushi Bar

  • Do I even need to explain this one? Fukyu to those who don't get it. Unfortunately now closed, but it was fun while it lasted. See it here.

Pussy Corps

  • Another strip-club that goes well beyond what is normal, for strip clubs at least. On the one hand it sounds like a branch of specially trained prostitutes used by the government, on the other, it sounds like the dead body of a cat. Both are equally funny/disturbing, depending on your tastes.

Chez Ma Grosse Truie Cherie

  • Don't ever call your significant other this name, which translates to "my big/fat darling sow." Maybe not best to take them on a date to this spot without telling the name either, they may get the wrong message and think you lied about how they don't look fat in their jeans.
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Hungry Birds

  • What does Angry Birds have to do with food? You're right, nothing at all. That didn't stop this new restaurant from making the connection. They do sell chicken, so that makes some sense. Anyone else smell a lawsuit brewing over this one?
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Kimbob Cafe

  • So there's "Kimbap" the popular sushi-esqu Korean dish, which could have been what this resto was going for. Maybe there was no type involved, and the owners are just named Kim and Bob and thought it'd be fun to name the restaurant after themselves. If so, they were half right, but its more funny than fun.
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What's the weirdest name you've seen in Montreal?

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