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Top 10 Hidden Gem Destinations Across Canada That You Need To Discover, According To Parks Canada

You really won't believe you never knew about these enchanting locations!
Top 10 Hidden Gem Destinations Across Canada That You Need To Discover, According To Parks Canada

With warmer seasons quickly approaching, you might have already thought about hitting the road to explore all that there is to offer in Canada. One of the only downsides to living in such an amazing country is that there are so many sights to travel to and discover, it could become a bit difficult to decide where you're going to go. But thanks to the Parks Canada list of top 10 hidden gems that you definitely need to see, you don't have to do any of the research on where you need to go. 

Providing you excursions and sights no matter what time of year you're visiting, these hidden gems across the country totally deserve more acknowledgement. Whether you want to see a historical sight to educate yourself about the lesser-known stories of Canada, or visit a national park for some time alone with the country's rugged nature, there really is no going wrong with any of these excursions!

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TL;DR Parks Canada has revealed the top 10 hiden gems you need to discover across Canada. Find out more about the list below.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the 10 hidden gems listed below and get started on planning a trip you'll never forget!

1. Kouchibouguac National Park

  • Where: Kouchibouguac, New Brunswick
  • Why: Imagine a hot and sunny beach and a summer evening. Your first thought probably wouldn't be New Brunswick, but you'll be surprised to know that Kouchibouguac National Park offers the warm beaches and ocean views you've always craved. Not to mention the incredible winter activites available! This gorgeous park is the perfect stop for any itinerary.
  • When: The park is open all year round.

2. Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

  • Where: Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
  • Why: Ever wonder how some of the world's most innovative creations came to life? Well, this historic site gives you the opportunity to see just how Bell achieved Canada's first powered flight, built the world's fastest boat, invented the telephone, and more.
  • When: The site opens in May 2019.

3. Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

  • Where: Abernethy, Saskatchewan
  • Why: Reconnecting with Canada's homestead way of life has never been easier. Listen to the songbirds of the prairies as you help feed horses and chickens on the farm. Bake fresh bread straight from the grain harvested from the fields outside and learn what it would have been like to live in Canada as a pioneer.
  • When: The site opens in May 2019.

4. Gulf Islands National Park Reserve

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  • Where: Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia
  • Why: Kayak through the Salish Sea near the southern coast of BC as you discover native wildlife, threatened species, and an atmosphere similar to the Mediterranean. Crystal blue waters will have you tricked into feeling you've landed in a tropical paradise.
  • When: The Gulf Islands are open to the public year-round.

5. Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site

  • Where: Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
  • Why: The historic site is a prime example of how fur trade helped in shaping the country. Discover exhibits, archaeological remains of four forts, and learn the skills of the fur trade from the Métis. You can even extend your visit to an overnight stay in an Indigenous trapper's tent, tipi, or a trapline cabin.
  • When: The Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site opens in May 2019.

6. Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site

  • Where: Saint-Ours, Quebec
  • Why: An oTENTik just one hour outside of Montreal, the site offers natural beauty such as hiking trails and peaceful picnic areas perfect for a romantic retreat. Unique monuments include a fish ladder unlike anything else on Earth.
  • When: The historic site is opened all year round.

7. Terra Nova National Park

  • Where: Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Why: The breathtaking view of the Atlantic ocean from the shoreline is only one of the reasons why this is a bucket list destination. View whales and icebergs, marshlands and boreal forest, and all of wild Newfoundland within the park.
  • When: Opens for the season in May 2019.

8. Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site

  • Where: Victoria, British Columbia
  • Why: For any military enthusiasts, this is the place you need to visit. Explore secret bunkers and military command posts as well as Fisgard Lighthouse, the first lighthouse on the west coast of Canada. Learn about the stories of soldiers and lighthouse keepers at this one-of-a-kind site.
  • When: Site and historic buildings opening hours vary. Summer programs are offered from May to October.

9. Fort Wellington National Historic Site

  • Where: North shore of the St. Lawrence River in Prescott, Ontario
  • Why: The site was built to defend the St. Lawrence shipping route from invasion in 1812 and 1838. Visit military family quarters and an underground tunnel or witness a cannon fire and relive the period in Canadian history.
  • When: Opens in May 2019.

10. Pukaskwa National Park

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  • Where: Lake Superior, Northern Ontario
  • Why: Enjoy vistas of one of the five great lakes from the edge of a massive boreal forest. Learn more about the Indigenous legacy on the site and roam the woodlands for the opportunity to stumble upon a moose, or even a bear (make sure to keep your distance!
  • When: The park opens in May, 2019.

For more information and to learn more about each hidden gem, visit the Parks Canada website HERE.

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