Top 10 List Of Montreal's Oldest And Most Impressive Churches

They are big and they are beautiful.
Top 10 List Of Montreal's Oldest And Most Impressive Churches

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In Montreal, there are many old churches with beautiful and quaint interior decorations. However, most of the old churches in Montreal went through significant renovations, and the churches with the oldest founding dates don't have their original structure and interior, so they're technically newer than they're birthdays would make you believe. To give you the lowdown on the history Montreal's churches, so you can win many a bar bet/trivia night, we made a list of Montreal churches with the oldest exterior and interior.

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Church of La Visitation-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie

Constructed: 1752

Founded: 1749

Renovated: Stained Glass windows installed in 1893

This church is not the oldest church in Montreal based on the founding date, but it is the oldest structure with original interior. Aside from the installation of stained glass winows in 1893, no major renovations have occurred, leaving the original structure mostly intact. If you want to feel the 18th century Montreal, come see this church first.

Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel

Constructed: 1771

Founded: 1655

Renovation: No major renovation was launched.

Located in old Montreal, Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours chapel is the church with oldest founding date in Montreal. The structure itself was rebuilt in 1771, with the little to no change since then.

Saint Patrick's Basilica

Constructed: 1847.

Founded: 1843

Renovation: Only two additions were made in 1922 and 1931.

Saint Patrick's Basilica is one of Montreal's best churches, and is conveniently located downtown. The Basilica has preserved its original interior with minimum renovation. If you want to find the oldest 19th century church in Montreal, this basilica is the place to go.

Church of Saint-Pierre-Apotre

Constructed: 1853

Founded: 1850

Renovated: Stained Glass Windows were installed by 1883.

Visible from the Rene Levesque Street, this church succeeded in preserving its original interior, although the present stained glass windows were installed in 1883. The Church has the Chapel of Hope dedicated to the victims of AIDS as well.

Christ Church Cathedral

Constructed: 1859

Founded: 1814

Renovation: No major renovation have been done

Located on Saint Catherine Street, the Christ Church Cathedral has been surrounded by buildings and crowds. You might have not known much about the value of the church, but this church has preserved its original interior since 1859. If you are interested in Anglican Gothic Revival church, or just want to check out some cool architecture during you walk along St. Cats, this church is the one you should visit first.

Church of St Genevieve

Constructed: 1844

Founded: 1731

Renovation: Interior decoration was completed in 1863, and the stained glass windows were installed in 1926.

Founded in 1732, the Church of Saint Genevieve wasn't fully built until 1863. Fortunately, the church has preserved its original interior. Decorated with white and gold colours, the church interior resembles the 18th century churches in Montreal such as Notre Dame-de-Bon-Secours and the Church of La Visitation-de-la-Bienheureuse-Vierge-Marie.

Church of the Gesù

Constructed: 1865

Founded: 1864

Renovation: No major renovation was done except preservation and restoration of old decorations.

Church of the Gesù is known to be the only baroque church in Montreal. Heavily decorated, the interior of the church was never renovated. Interestingly, there are some old photos from the 1860s and 80s. You can compare the old photos with the present interior of the church for a visual retrospective.

Saint George’s Anglican Church

Constructed: 1870

Founded: 1843

Renovation: Only a pulpit (where the priest gives sermons) was replaced with a new one.

Saint George’s Anglican Church was founded in 1843 and is located new Windsor Station of Montreal. Unlike other Anglican churches, this church has used various colours to decorate its interior and is one of the most colourful Anglican church in Montreal.

Church of Saint John the Evangelist

Founded: 1861

Constructed: 1878

Renovation: Not renovated.

Simply called the red roof church, Church of Saint John the Evangelist should also be valued for its unique interior. This church shows the harmonious use of stone and woodcarvings.

Basilique Notre Dame of Montreal

Constructed: 1843 by James O’Donnell.

Founded: 1672

Renovations: Present interior was done by Victor Bourgeau in 1872 to 1879.

Basilique Notre Dame is the most famous church in Montreal, which is internationally known for its fantastic interior. Resembling the Sainte Chappelle of Paris, the church's interior is covered with vivid blue and gold stars. Despite the fact that the church was founded in 1672, the present structure and interior are relatively new. On our list, this church is the newest of all.

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