Top 10 Montreal Bars To Seriously Consider Having Your Work Holiday Parties At

These places have got you covered.
Top 10 Montreal Bars To Seriously Consider Having Your Work Holiday Parties At

Photo cred - Julie Soto

The cold is here and the holidays are drawing ever nearer, which means the most dreaded event of the year is nearly here: your office holiday party.

Every year it plays out the same, with lame decorations adorning your dreary office, awful punch or cheap beer, and that one guy who somehow gets too drunk to function.

Don't let history repeat itself and host your holiday office party at a Montreal venue that will guarantee a good time. From fancy lounges to bars with beer towers, these joints are a sure-fire bet for a great time with your co-workers. And yes, that is possible.

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Le Clébard

4557 St. Denis

For a little mix of everything, head to Le Clébard for your office x-mas jam. Le Clébard's private room will house 50-200 people, and the bar will keep them all happily fed and tipsy with full buffet and cocktail services. To make sure you're actually having fun rather than snapping a bunch of selfies, the bar also has a photo service, and best of all, if you guys feel like dancing, there's no issue with heading to the main dance floor and joining all the regular Clébard patrons. With a slightly older clientele, you're office won't feel all out of place like they would at other bars where the dance floor is dominated by 18 year olds.

Le Clébard also hosts some of the best local DJs in Montreal. Whether you're looking for a place to host your office Christmas party, or somewhere to escape too after the boring get together your boss organized, this place should definitely be on your list.

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Mme Lee

151 Ontario

Despite being a sorta-new on the Montreal nightlife scene (open for about a year) everyone has heard of Mme Lee, and for good reason. The perfect balance between trendy and comfortable, with a little bit of hip-hop mixed in for good measure, Mme Lee has what you need for a solid office party. Good food (did anyone say oysters?), music you'll actually want to dance to, and perhaps best of all, some of the most creative cocktails Montreal has to offer. No one in your office will have a bad time.

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Le Sainte-Elizabeth

1412 Sainte Élisabeth

Known for their amazing terrasse, Le Sainte-Elizabeth also has a large upstairs area that is perfect for big groups. While you can't reserve the entire space, you can call ahead and let them know your party is coming, which is actually kind of a good thing. For one, most people don't really go to the upstairs of Le Sainte-Elizabeth anyway, and second, having some regular bar patrons adds an element of surprise to the mix. No matter what, Le Sainte-Elizabeth's chilled out atmosphere, coupled with their pints of beer, will make for a solid office party space.

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Bier Markt

1221 René-Lévesque

No matter what you need for your office party, from a small team of youngins at a startup or a +200 staff from a big company, Bier Markt pretty much has you covered. Able to house groups of 2 people to 500, on three different floors each with their own unique vibe, you won't be wanting for space. The staff will cater to your needs entirely depending on what type of party you want to have, including the creation of a fixed food menu, all of which can be expertly paired with BM's +150 types of beers. BM even has a portable draught unit, and with a quick lesson, you and your whole team can learn to pour the perfect pint.

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1290 Beaubien E

Who loves bacon? Everyone loves bacon, so your co-workers will pretty much love you for getting Brutus as your office party venue. Able to accommodate small and large groups, depending on the date and time, you can have a full-blown bacon party or a more intimate evening of gorging on Brutus' delectable bacon eats, not to mention the cocktails. Best yet, the whole VIP section is Jaggermeister themed, so you can feel like a boss while eating bacon. Given how popular Brutus is, reservations are best done for the mid-week, though you can book a space on the weekend, it'll just have to be on the early side.

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3459 Notre-Dame W

Every office is a little different, which can make finding a venue suitable for the eclectic cast of characters you call co-workers a little difficult. Rasoi makes it easy, though, as they're group dining room can be customized to fit your needs. Capable of seating about 30 individuals, you can have a sit down menu that lets you taste all of the resto's signature dishes, or go full party mode with bottle service and a DJ, or something in between. Versatility goes a long way with a venue, which you'll find at Rasoi.

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Le Gainzbar

Get a little jazzy with your office crew at Gainzbar, a mellow joint that goes beyond your typical bar. Live music performances can grace your soiree if you book accordingly, or you can just go to enjoy the bar's rustic lounge atmosphere, large selection of beers and whiskeys, and foods fitting for any diet. A solid spot if you don't want to get too crazy and just enjoy some tunes with a few brews.

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1210 Peel

Okay, McLean's is making the list for one very important reason: the beer towers. Let's be honest people, the only way you're going to make it through an evening with your co-workers is if you're all delightfully hammered, and McLean's iconic (and giant) beer towers will guarantee everyone is exuding good vibes. The upstairs section can be reserved, for about 50 people, with tables set up for your group, though you may be joined by some other patrons if you can't fill up the whole space.

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Taking this back to the classier side of things is Pullman wine bar, which has a few different options perfect for a holiday office party. Smaller groups of 10-12 are easily reservable, or head over to the mezzanine bar for larger groups of 20-25, or get the entire lounge for more group members. No matter the size you can have the expert staff prepare a themed menu, which can be paired with wine (they have a lot), have special dinner cocktails, or just enjoy the ambiance with a good ol' glass of red.

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Carlos & Pepe's

1420 Peel

Maybe not the most obvious choice for an office party, Carlos & Pepe's is still a very legit option. I mean, why not make your office Xmas party a fiesta? Able to seat 140 guests in the bar, or 30 on the mezzanine, C&P can create a special menu for your party, all while you sip on tons of sangria and take more than a few tequila shots.

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Photo cred – Karel Chladek