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Top 10 Montreal Bars You'll Totally Feel Comfortable Going Out To If You're In Your 30s

You're never too old to party.
Top 10 Montreal Bars You'll Totally Feel Comfortable Going Out To If You're In Your 30s

As we come to the end of our 20's, and are finally taking the steps into our 30's we still want to go out and have fun, but don't have the same expectations or wants from our evening out as maybe before.

As we settle down and our relationships become more serious, and our jobs become careers, what we are looking for from a night out changes. As our lives are often busier and more serious, a night out is often an opportunity to catch up with friends and on the week just past, so therefore maybe you would prefer a place to go where you can talk.

Our taste buds and flavor for quality have matured and have a tendency to prefer a good scotch and gin and tonic to a sweet cocktail or shot.

Let's be honest our energy levels are just not the same and dancing all night just is sometimes no longer possible, and therefore we would prefer a trendy wine bar to a raving packed dance club.

With all this in mind where in Montreal is best to go out in our 30's?

1. Plan B Bar

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327 Mont-Royal Est

This cocktail bar/lounge with it's green hidden terrace out back is the perfect setting for private conversations and a relaxing glass of wine among friends. Even though they do not have a full food menu they have a great selection of nibbles to be enjoyed and shared.


2. La Buvette Chez Simone

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4869 Avenue du Parc

This place isn't just great for its wide range of wines, atmosphere and sunny terrace but also it's fantastic food. So whether you want a meal or just drinks this place is just perfect.


3. Bily Kun

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354 Mont-Royal Est

A great long bar, with a unique and fascinating decor. You can enjoy a simple evening surrounded by the light buzz of people talking and great music.


4. Big In Japan

Une photo publiée par Lauren Lee (@lo_freckles) le

4175 Boul St-Laurent

Tucked away on boulevard St-Laurent this bar has a sense of mystery and sophistication. The long U shaped bar lit by candle light is romantic and a good location for great conversation.


5. W Montreal

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901 Square Victoria

If you are looking for a classy and cosy atmosphere where you can both relax and dance the night away look no further than the W Hotel with it's extremely comfortable lounge bar and beautifully lit nightclub.


6. Benelux

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4026 Rue Wellington

Known specialists in beer and with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, here you can enjoy a relaxing and social evening. In the summer months you can enjoy their beer garden in a beautiful setting.


7. Fitzoy

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551 Mont-Royal Avenue East

This place is actually enjoyed by all age groups but especially good for those who love pool and a good light atmosphere. Perfect for groups with a large open space and long tables.


8. Sparrow

Une photo publiée par Maggie Hogan (@me_hogan) le

5322 boulevard Saint-Laurent

A mature and rustic atmosphere enjoyed both in the evening and for brunch. The atmosphere is so strong it buzzes into the street when the large frontal windows are opened in the summer months, making it even harder to resist.


9. Terrasse Nelligan

A photo posted by ramona1k (@ramona1k) on

106, Saint-Paul Ouest

This stunning rooftop terrasse over looking the city not only sets a scene of sophistication but also creates a special atmosphere to be enjoyed by all.


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