Top 10 Montreal Café-Libraries

Books are always better with coffee.
Top 10 Montreal Café-Libraries

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Nothing is more relaxing than having a cup of coffee or tea while reading the new book you just started. Or the book you've read a thousand times, or the book you can never even get halfway through. Either way, warm beverages and literature are a perfect pair.

Thankfully some Montreal establishments let you enjoy both at the same time. Thanks to HuffPost for getting this list started, because Montrealers need to know where they can enjoy a good book and a cup of Joe at the same time.

We bumped the list up to a full ten, so read on and check out 10 Montreal Cafe-Libary

1. Appetite for Books

388 Victoria Avenue

If you're like me, most of your reading comes from recipes and cookbooks. There's no shame in that here, where food is a defining focus, and cooking classes are regularly held for your eating pleasure.

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2. Indigo McGill College

1500 McGill College Avenue

Admittedly, almost any Indigo could make this list, but we put in the downtown/McGill Collège location simply for how you can use it as a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Some Starbucks and light book-browsing are always available downtown.

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3. Café-bistro Bobby McGee

3213-3215, Ontario E

Unique decor, good food and coffee, tons of books, and regular musical performances make Bobby McGee your one-stop dose of culture.

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4. Salon B

4321 Saint- Laurent

While being a library and cafe, Salon B is also a prominent art gallery, featuring many artists of various disciplines. Salon b is very welcoming, and even if art really isn't you thing, you'll be surprised by how accessible and personal things are made.

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5. O-Taku Manga

3623 Saint-Denis

Even if you're not a fan of manga you'll want to check out O-Taku's wide selection of bubble tea, smoothies, coffee, and an assortment of sweet treats. Videogames are also available for the less literarily-inclined.

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6. Olivieri Librairie + Bistro

5219, chemin de la Côte-des-Neiges

Books become a lot more interesting when they're paired with French cuisine and cocktails. Brunch and a big patio make this a perfect spot to get started on your summer reading while simultaneously drinking and soaking up some sun.

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7. Paragraphe

2220 McGill College Avenue

Technically not a cafe-library, but the connected-to-the-store Second Cup next door put it on the list. You can grab a book, grab a coffee, then go read/study in the large sitting area between the two stores without ever stepping outside.

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8. Manga-Thé

2011 St Denis

More manga is always better, and with Manga-Thé's stronger focus on teas and pastries, you'll get a totally unique experience.

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9. Librairie L'Espanola

3811 Saint-Laurent

You've no doubt walked by this Spanish library on many a walk up or down St. Laurent. Next time step through the orange and yellow doors and enjoy literature, art, and plenty of food items straight from Spain.

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10. Foonzo

1245 Drummond

For those of you who aren't bookworms, we put Foonzo, the gamer cafe and lounge on the list. Don't miss this spot, because its pretty great, even if you aren't a hardcore gamer. Any purists who got angry with this addition, all I can say is that some video game manuals are books in themselves.

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Where do you read in Montreal?

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