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Top 10 Montreal Grand Prix 2014 Weekend Events

The official unofficial kick off to the summer.
Top 10 Montreal Grand Prix 2014 Weekend Events

Tomorrow marks the start of Grand Prix weekend in Montreal, which either has you super excited for luxury cars adorning the city and crazy street festivals, or you're dreading the huge influx of tourists. Either way, you can't escape the sheer amount of events taking over the city for Grand Prix weekend, and to make sure you have a good time, we've got the events you shouldn't miss, no matter your personal like/dislike for F1 in Montreal.

1. Monkland Village Grand Prix Festival

Don't think of Grand Prix strictly as a downtown affair, because NDG will be one of the places to be. We could list over ten reasons why you should check out this street festival, not having to interact with as many tourists (who have no idea where NDG is) being chief among them.

2. Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival

We don't need to tell you that Crescent street will be the center of downtown Grand Prix action. Budweiser will have a stage with DJs and bands playing throughout the three days, tons of swag will be given out to the masses, and every bar on the strip will be at capacity.

3. Old Montreal Celebrates Grand Prix

Take it to the cobblestones for Old Montreal's GP festivities. Just as Old Montreal is slightly more classy than the rest of the city, so will the area's F1 jam, with a vernissage of Grand Prix-themed artwork and a designated "foodie zone" with DJs on-site to liven things up.

4. BEVO Bar's Free Pizza Day

While you're out in Old Montreal, you should really check out BEVO Bar's customer appreciation + F1 event that features (wait for it) free pizza, along with free grilled sausages and porchetta. Drinks will also be provided, with part of the proceeds going towards prostate cancer research. We got the lowdown for you here.

5. Formula Peel Street Event

It wouldn't be Grand Prix without Peel being transformed into a psuedo car show filled with swanky automotive setups and luxury cars for gawking at while you walk around.

6. Grand Prix Marathon @ Habitat

Don't stop partying for a single second at Habitat, where they will be rocking out all F1 weekend. During the day, the terrasse is where its at, and in the eve, things move indoors to the club. The terrasse's hookah bar setup will make sure day drinking is at optimal chill levels, with 6 planned DJs ensuring evening mayhem. Get all the details here.

7. St. Laurent's Grand Prix Street Fest

Again, as is the case every year, St. Lo (between Sherbrooke and des Pins) is transformed into a giant GP-themed street festival, which, in our humble opinion, is superior to the other downtown versions. A little more space is available for you to walk around, and these are bars you would actually go to on a normal weekend.

8. Little Italy's Grand Prix Street Fest

Head even further up St. Lo (Beaubien to Jean-Talon) for another F1-themed street festival, one that will be a little less jam-packed and intense than the others, in a good way. Just as much food will be out for you to enjoy (this is Little Italy we're talking about) as will outdoor music and events.

9. Picnic on the Patio 2 @ BLVD44

End F1 weekend right, with some drinks in the sun on a patio. Music, food, drinks, and fun are waiting Grand Prix Sunday. This will not be your standard picnic. Get all the details here.

10. Grand Prix After Party @ Café Republique

To officially close a weekend's worth of drinking, you need to attend a legit party on Grand Prix Sunday, and that's what you'll get at Café Republique's Grand Prix After Party, put on by AV Hospitality. A classy affair, this will be where the VIPs will be, so if you manage to attend, make sure you dress to impress.

Where will you be going for Grand Prix?

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