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Top 10 Montreal Iced Coffee Spots

Iced tea's other brother.
Top 10 Montreal Iced Coffee Spots

A hot cup of coffee can be a lot to handle when it's thirty degrees outside and the sun is burning your skin in real-time. Thankfully, everyone's favourite/wouldn't-be-able-to-function-without beverage is just as delicious when it's served cold.

Certain cafes do the cold brew thing, a coffee steeping process involving cold fusion that takes a few hours. Complicated, but totally worth it. Other coffee spots go with the simple ice + coffee/espresso method, which can work just as well.

We don't get too picky on the methods of creation, just as long as our iced coffee is cold and delicious. Here are ten Montreal coffee joints we think do iced coffee best.

Pikolo Espresso Bar

3418 B Avenue Du Parc (map)

  • Got to hand it to Pikolo's cold brew, it may be better than the hot stuff. Ice waters down the espresso for an incredibly smooth iced coffee, one you don't even need to add milk to.

Café Olimpico

124 St-Viateur West (map)

  • Like we couldn't give the winners of Best Montreal Coffee a spot on our list. No favourites being played here though, as Olimpico has some damn fine iced coffees and espresso.

Café St-Henri

3632 Notre-Dame West (map)

  • This Montreal micro-roaster does cold brew to the books. The science text books, because their cold brew setup is straight up chemistry.

Kitsuné Espresso Bar

19 Prince Arthur West (map)

  • The vibe in here during the summer is beyond awesome, made even better by their iced coffee drinks. You can get all the standard stuff on ice, and if you're not feeling the caffeine, try out a legit lychee tea. We're personally jazzed for the teased at Hazelnut ice latte.

Humble Lion

904 Sherbrooke West (map)

  • Light and refreshing, with enough punch to get you going, Humble Lion's cold brew is a solid summer pick.

Dispatch Café Mobile

All over

  • Incredibly convenient for a caffeinated cool-down if you happen to find Dispatch on the street, and you can also take their cold brew to go in gigantic bottles for whenever you may need a fix.

Café Sardine

9 Fairmount East (map)

You may know Sardine for their baked goods (or now their Asian cuisine) but their iced lattes are nothing to ignore. Especially good when paired with a most things are.

Cafe Vito

151 Villeray (map)

  • Go for the cannoli, stay for the iced coffee. Opened by a barista who used to work at Olimpico (so you know they know their stuff) Vito's iced coffee is smooth, milky, and creamy, without being overly sweet.


151 St. Catherine E (map)

Yes, Cachitos is a bakery, but y'all know bakeries can make some solid brew. They add some Venezualan sweetness by making two delicious iced coffee drinks made with condensed milk: the frappé au lait or ferrer-o-frappé. You can also just get any of the other espresso drinks iced as well for less sweet fair.


Freakin' everywhere

Don't knock on us for including Starbucks, everyone may hate to admit it, but we all love the Sbux. Frappucinos can be a little too much at times, so opt for an iced espresso drink. Pro-tip: order an iced americano instead of an iced latte and just add your choice of milk at the sugar/dairy self-serve stand. You'll save a few bucks and it is actually exactly the same thing.

Where do you get your cold coffee?

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