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Top 10 Montreal Outdoor Summer Jobs

Get a tan and get paid for it.
Top 10 Montreal Outdoor Summer Jobs

If there's one thing everyone wants to do this summer, it's being outside. Apart from hanging out on the mountain, partying at Picnik, or raging till the sun comes up, summer time is also the perfect time to make some money and save it, since studying for finals won't come in the way.

Check out the best outdoor summer jobs in Montreal:

1. Camp Counselor

Watching over small children, or, God forbid, pretentious tweens, can be a bit rough, although in the grand scheme of things the payoff is worth it. Canoeing trips, field sports, and even dodgeball, are all serious perks, all of which can (and should) be done in the great outdoors.

2. Park Maintenance

In all seriousness, "park maintenance" boils down to picking up trash in Montreal many park grounds. As un-glamorous as that sounds, think about all the walking you'll be doing, and all the rays you'll be catching. Hello summer bod and tan. You'll also be doing the city a serious service, because people need trash-less space for picnics and Pikcnik.

3. Agriculture/Farm Hand

Whoever hated on the farmer life didn't think things through. Not only does being a farm hand offer some serious travel opportunities (think WWOOF), you'll also get the combo of a solid full-body workout (plowing and planting works your upper and lower bod) and the food to fuel your new toned physique. Nothing beats farm-grown.

4. Painting

Many students in Montreal know the dangers of getting roped into a painting gig, but that only applies if you're one of the off-season organizers. For anyone just looking to work a few months, largely outdoors, painting is a viable option. Opening up conversations with "Oh, I'm a painter" will also make you look cool and artistic...until you explain the situation. Best to leave it vague and make people think you do portraits or post-modern creations.

5. Landscaping

One of the more obvious choices for a job outdoors, but an option nonetheless. Just make sure you're ready for some intense physical labour, because that's pretty much the job.

6. Tree Planting

Much like an agricultural gig, being a tree planter can take you to some far-off locales, or just a stone's throw away from Montreal. Either way, being outdoors is essential to the gig, and you'll be aiding in the incredibly altruistic endeavor of reforestation. Go you.

7. Construction

Much like a landscaping job, at least in terms of physical exertion, a summer job in construction will leave you tired at the end of the day, but you'll making mad muscle and money. Construction can be indoors, but given that its only nice enough to work in Montreal for barely 6 months, most work you'll be doing over the summer will likely be in the sun.

8. Dog Walker

You're only a Craigslist/Kijiji post away from becoming the new best friend to man's best friend, or you could join a company to be legit about it. Whichever your dog-walking route, the job is all about being outdoors and making sure four-legged canines get their daily exercise. Be prepared to scoop some, well, you know.

9. Babysitter

A little less intense than being a camp counselor (depending on the kids, mind you) but with all the opportunities to be in the sun. Kids shouldn't be cooped up indoors while their parents are out, and neither should you while watching them. Frequent trips to the park will tire them out and keep you nice and tanned, a classic win-win.

10. Resident Park Chiller

Not a paid gig, but you'll be one of the many devoted citizens who are seemingly always at the park, making everyone else who has a real job incredibly jealous. Hours spent lying on the grass in the sun will make your skin tones a couple shades darker, just be prepared for a lot of free time. Best to bring a book or frisbee.

This summer, kill two birds with one stone. Enjoy the outdoors while banking on those paychecks!