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Top 10 Montreal People To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Double clicks on double clicks!
Top 10 Montreal People To Follow On Instagram Right Now

Sick of your friends' Instagram photo updates? Who cares about baby baptisms or family brunches... Nobody, right? We thought so.

You know that feeling when you click on a random photo and discover an account that embodies the life you wish you had? You can't help but stalk these people. So here's a list of Montreal Instagram elite that will get your feed really exciting. They're everything that's right about Montreal right now. You're welcome.

1. Olivier Primeau @oli_beachclub

Olivier Primeau is literally everywhere. If you haven't heard of Olivier, you've probably been living under a rock. He's the very popular Pointe Calumet's Beachclub owner. Olivier's Instagram account will make you want to party, pop bottles and wish you were at Beachclub. If you're an EDM fan, do not look up this profile, you'll get addicted.

2. Cary Tauben @carytauben

Remember this post? Good. Cary Tauben is a celebrity fashion stylist from Montreal whose Instagram you need to stalk ASAP. Gorgeous models, bohemian lifestyle and aesthetically pleasing photographs is what Cary is about. He's so incredibly cool, you can't help but double click.

3. Julien Marlon Samani @julienmarlon

Girls, can I get a hot damn? Technically, Julien is not in Montreal right now. He's an actor/model and he lives in L.A. at the moment. Julien studied Finance at Concordia University and now he's just being handsome and talented. Do yourself a favor and stalk him on Instagram.

Photo cred - leagirardnadeau

4. Lea Girard Nadeau @leagirardnadeau

Lea is a gorgeous Montreal model slash actress. She's a perfect mix of Jessica Rabbit and Little Mermaid... so pretty, it's almost unreal. You probably saw Lea on Le Banquier, french Quebec version of a very popular TV show called Deal Or No Deal. Her Instagram account will legit make your day.

5. Lysandre Nadeau @lysandrenadeau

Montreal's favorite Youtube vlogger and Narcity content contributor has the most adorable Instagram account ever. It's so real and refreshing, you'll instantly fall in love with Lysandre. She's basically the cool best friend you wish you had.

6. Antonio Park @chefantoniopark

If you're into sushi, this account is LIFE! Chef Antonio Park, owner of Restaurant Park, Park Market and Lavanderia, shares the most beautiful sushi pics ever. Each dish is like a work of art. I could totally hang one of his sushi platters on a wall and just stare at it. It's that good, yeah.

7. Harley Morenstein @harleyplays

You like humor? Of course you do. Follow @harleyplays for your daily dose of giggles. Harley Morenstein, host of Epic Meal Time, is the most hilarious guy you'll ever double click on in Montreal. He also has a sick beard. What's not to love?

8. Oliver Porte @oliverdoor

Edgy fashion, tattoos and a puppy. @oliverdoor is so impossibly cool, I can't. You'll want to stalk him for hours. Oliver's pup, Bam Bam, will steal your heart away. This profile is a perfect combination of "aw" and "damn". You know what I mean?

Photo cred - oksana_rykova

9.  Oksana Rykova @oksana_rykova

Oksana is a Montreal bombshell who currently lives in L.A. She's a real Instagram sensation. Follow @oksana_rykova for fitness motivation. This girl is so freaking fit, you'll hate yourself a little after looking at her photos.

10. Milad Sahafzadeh @miladsahafzadeh

Milad is the president of Dulcedo model management agency in Montreal. His Instagram account is a great mix of lifestyle, models, food and architecture. You will envy Milad's glamorous life a little bit and that's ok. We all do.

You might also find my Instagram account remotely entertaining, just saying... @irina_tee

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