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Top 10 Montreal Spots To Smoke A Joint In The Summer

So you know where to blaze during summer days.
Top 10 Montreal Spots To Smoke A Joint In The Summer

Photo cred - Diego Cupolo

Unless you're blowing smoke into the faces of infants, you're pretty much good to smoke a joint anywhere in Montreal. There are, however, prime pot-positive locales that are much more fitting.

Now that's it is nice to be outdoors don't restrict yourselves to sitting in your living room with your bong. Head on out into the sunny city and head to Montreal's best spots to smoke a joint.

10. Palais des Congres Complex

Right outside of the metro complex is a nice little area outfitted with benches, plants, and a view of Palais de Congres' entrances to people-watch. (map)

9. Parc des Amériques

A small oasis on the hustle of St. Lo, Parc des Amériques is the perfect pot-pit stop during your walk to or from the bar. (map)

8. Peace Park

There's usually a dealer around somewhere if you need them, and skateboarders are usally around to trip you out with some sweet tricks. (map)

7. Right In Front Of ScotiaBank Theatre

Go by the theatre on St. Cats and Metcalfe and you'll always smell the dank aroma of bud. What, like you're going to watch a movie sober? (map)

6. Mont-Royal Observatory

Get high while you're high above the city. It's almost poetic. (map)

5. A Friend's Basement In The West Island

Not quite outdoors but sometimes you need to live like you're in That '70s Show and smoke up in a friend's basement. For some reason, the friend in question always seems to live somewhere in the West Island. (no map, by invite only)

4. Old Port Boardwalk

If you're ballsy, head deep into Terrasse Bonsecours. If you're a little paranoid (which will probably only get worse once you've sparked) then the boardwalk is more than adequate. Patches of grass, benches, and a view of the water make for a solid spot for pot. (map)

3. Jean Talon Market

The open-air complex and many little alcoves mean you'll be able to find a secluded spot, but the real appeal comes from all of the food/munchies you'll have at your fingertips. For snacking, Jean-Talon is stoner heaven. (map)

2. Parc La Fontaine

Very much a no-brainer, Parc La Fontaine has tons of green grass, pretty people, a mystical fountain, and maybe best of all, the park is only a short walk to La Banquise. (map)

1. Tam Tams

Duh. No explanation needed here. Just get to Mont Royal park on Sunday if you don't know why. (map)

Where's your favourite spot to smoke up?

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