Top 10 Most Dangerous Montreal Boroughs

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Montreal Boroughs

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Not only are Montreal's many boroughs and districts different in terms of aesthetics and cultural vibe, but they also vary in terms of crime. Journal Métro decided to find out just how far the differences in crime rates per borough go, and got the SPVM to give them a lot of helpful data.

Below you'll find a synthesized version of Journal Métro's article, as we're listing the top ten areas (based on SPVM stations/PDQs, not necessarily borough designations) with the most criminal activity.

Two tables are listed, with the first being crimes against persons, so only crimes involving the intentional use of physical force, or threat of harm to an individual are included. The second ranks crimes against property, so actions that involve the intentional destruction of an owned property against the owner's will, like vandalism.

You should note that certain areas (like downtown) have a large "floating population" of tourists who add to the crime rate, but change the numbers up a bit. Keep that in mind before you think all Montrealers living in downtown are criminal maniacs.

The first number represents the number of crimes per person in the area, the second the crime rate per 1000 residents

Crimes Against Persons

1. Montréal Nord: 1294, 15,43/1000

2. Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (Est) :1127, 13.10/1000

3. East Downtown-Old Montréal: 1071, 71.40/1000

4. Pointe St Charles-Petite Bourgogne-St. Henri: 896, 12.52/1000

5. Plateau Sud: 783, 14.91/1000

6. LaSalle: 712, 9.59/1000

7. Saint-Michel: 707, 11.91/1000

8. Downtown-Mt Royal Parc: 696, 45.11/1000

9. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve :669, 14.54/1000

10. Montréal-Est-Pointe-aux-Trembles: 650, 12.50/1000

Crimes Against Property

1. East Downtown-Old Montréal: 5315, 354.33/1000

2. Downtown-Mt Royal Parc: 4306, 279.08/1000

3. Rosemont:  2930, 33.73/1000

4. Plateau Sud: 2891, 55.07/1000

5. Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve (East): 2735, 31.80/1000

6. Côte-des-Neiges: 2668, 26.68/1000

7. Saint-Laurent: 2643,  28.16/1000

8. Montréal-Nord: 2548, 30.38/1000

9. Hochelaga-Maisonneuve: 2351, 51.11/1000

10. Saint-Léonard: 2200, 29.05/1000


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