Top 10 Most Memorable Robin Williams Movies You Need To Watch Again And Again

These are the movies that can really make you smile.
Top 10 Most Memorable Robin Williams Movies You Need To Watch Again And Again

August 11th 2014 is a day no one will ever forget. It was the day we lost one of the most beloved actors of our times. Robin Williams touched our hearts and made part of our lives ever since we were young. He made us laugh, he made us cry (both of joy and sadness), he made us jump up with excitement and he also made us believe in a fairy tale world. Every time we saw Robin Williams in a movie, we felt a familiar and heart warming feeling. To honour his life and career, we decided to relive 10 of his best movies.

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Mrs. Doubtfire

Year it was released: 1993

Why it was great: "Mrs. Doubtfire" is probably one of the most watched movies of our generation. Robin Williams plays the part of a dad, desperate to be with his children after a divorce. Because they are held in custody by his former wife, Robin's character decides to disguise himself as a female housekeeper and work at the house he once lived with his family. The movie is full of surprises, joyful moments and love. Robin certainly made us laugh on this one.


Year it was released: 1991

Why it was great: The best word to describe "Hook" is magical. Robin Williams plays the part of an older Peter Pan. He has to go back to Neverland and reclaim his children, kidnapped by Captain Hook. Before challenging his enemy, Robin's character has to regain the leadership of the Lost Boys. This is when all of us lost ourselves into the magical world of Peter Pan. Robin showed us we all have an inner child within us, and that Neverland might as well exist.

Patch Adams

Year it was released: 1998

Why it was great: In "Patch Adams" Robin Williams taught us that laughter is the best medicine. He plays the part of a young medical student who believes his patients feels much better every time he uses humor to "treat" them. In one of his most emotional movies, Robin showed us how deep he could go into our feelings.

Good Will Hunting

Year it was released: 1997

Why it was great: "Good Will Hunting" shows a more serious side of Robin Williams, when he plays the part of a psychology teacher who tries to help a misguided genius-level intellect who works as a janitor. Robin and Matt Damon are the perfect match to this emotional, dramatic plot. Once again, Robin touched our hearts and made us think about life.

The Birdcage

Year it was released: 1996

Why it was great: In one of his funniest movies, Robin Williams surprised everyone in "The Birdcage". He plays the part of a gay Cabaret owner, who lives with his Drag Queen companion. Robin's character, who has a son, has to pretend he's married to a woman to impress his son's fiancé family, whose father is Senator and also co-founder of the "Coalition for Moral Order". The movie is absolutely comical. Robin showed us the could play any part and always be amazingly good.

Dead Poets Society

Year it was released: 1989

Why it was great: "Dead Poets Society" is a deeply engaging movie about an English teacher, played by Robin Williams, who shows his students his passion for poetry and teach them how beautiful life is. Once again, Robin made us see life with a different perspective, always finding a way to touch our hearts and make us happy.

Good Morning Vietnam

Year it was released: 1987

Why it was great: In "Good Morning, Vietnam" Robin Williams plays the part of a DJ who works for the US Armed Services Radio Station. He brings comedy to a very serious environment and, even though some people don't like his easy-going behaviour and humour, Robin's character made the audience see that some people just wanted to bring better days to such difficult times.


Year it was released: 1996

Why it was great: "Jack" is one of Robin Williams's most remarkable movies. He plays the part of a 10 year-old boy in the body of a 40 year-old man. Born after only ten weeks of pregnancy, Robin's character is diagnosed with an exaggerated form of Werner syndrome (an aging disease). Confused because of his age and appearance, he gets in trouble at school and with adults. A comedy-drama well played by Robin. As usual, he made us laugh and feel empathy towards his character.


Year it was released: 1992

Why it was great: Disney movies are classics. Alike other titles, "Aladdin" is a huge success. Robin Williams's hilarious voicing of the Genie is by far one of the best aspects of the movie. Even though his image wasn't there, we could see Robin in the Genie at all times.


Year it was released: 1995

Why it was great: "Jumanji" is one of the best Adventure movies ever. Robin Williams plays the part of a man who were trapped inside a magical board game as a kid and is now released by the two children playing the same game. A series of events start happening and Robin's character finds himself involved with the same game that once trapped him. A more adventurous side of Robin, that's for sure.

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