Top 10 Most Unique Sushi Shops You Must Try In Montreal, Quebec

O'fish'ally amazing spots!
Top 10 Most Unique Sushi Shops You Must Try In Montreal, Quebec

Montreal is home to some pretty unique things but, we happen to be EXTRA unique with regards to sushi! I doubt that you can just drive in any other city and order vegan sushi but, you sure as hell can in Montreal!

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Not only is the sushi on this list one-of-a-kind sushi, it's also fresh AF! So, enjoy the nice spring weather with some sushi rolls, cones, and donuts! Let's be honest, it doesn't get better than this!

1. Roll Down To Maiko Sushi

sushi for 2 🤑

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Jardin Maïko: various sashimis, fruits and sweet sauce, it was super delicious!! 😱😍😱 From Maïko Sushi, Montreal. #fish #sashimi #japanese #maikosushi #montreal #quebec #foodporn #sushiporn #sushilover #eatfamous #dailyfoodfeed #foodie #freshfoodz #getinmybelly #foodiesmtl #mtlfoodie #mtlfood #eats #foodloverheaven1

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3339 des Sources Boulevard

Why are they unique? Because of their amazing sashimi "flower bouquets" presentation that comes with every meal!


2. Roll Down To Kyo

Sunday dinner @kyobarjaponais 👯

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711 Côte de la Place d'Armes

Why are they unique? Because they have a modern vibe with a menu full of new innovations that will have your taste buds wanting more!


3. Roll Down To Sushi 5 Saisons

Another day-another dollar...spent on sushi

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5594 Rue Sherbrooke O

Why are they unique? Because they are romantic AF and serve sushi (in the shape of a heart_ that will literally melt your heart!


4. Roll Down To Kazumi

I am actually amazed by their creativity!!!!! .... 🍣🍤 #PartyInMyMouth .... Happy bday to my baby Bro!! @franch_leggo 🎂

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6394 Rue Sherbrooke E

Why are they unique? Because they have WILD combinations like their "Basilic" tempura roll, which includes tuna, salmon, shitake mushrooms, and basil!


5. Roll Down To Sushi Momo

Jan 20th, 2017 👉🏽 Montreal Day 2 👉🏽 My friend JP told me there was this really cool *ALL VEGAN* sushi restaurant in Montreal called @sushimomomtl 🍱 I definitely had to stop in for lunch! They have all vegan sushi restaurants in Montreal and New York, Dear Toronto, you need to step up your game in that department! ☝🏽The service was fantastic, they knew English too and were very friendly and inviting! 🙊💕 I'm definitely coming back! I think they only open after 3pm though 🤔 👉🏽 Sometime at the end of November of last year, my friend James randomly messages me and asks, "Hey, wanna go to @igloofest_mtl ?" My inner monologue went off and I was quickly scanning the reasons in my head... 1) I haven't done anything spontaneous in a while. 2) At this point igloo fest was two months a way to plan 3) it would be a different festival experience than what I'm used to (it would be outdoors in the dead of winter). 4) The adventure would be in a different province (an excuse to get out of the city for a hot second). 5) It wouldn't interfere with any auditions or working on set because film and tv in Canada slows down for the winter. 🎥 6) It would be nice to see what Montreal is like in the winter time, I'm only used to that city in the summer. 👉🏽 All signs seemed to point to a hard yes.🤔 So it was decided! ✊🏽 👉🏽 #vegan #vegantoronto #yyz #foodporn #veganlife #veganforlife #veganfoodporn #vegansofig #torontofood #torontoeats #torontodining #omnomnom #veganfood #veganlifestyle #veganpower #veganlunch #veganeats #vegancommunity #veganlove #veganseat #veganstyle #vegansnack #vegansonig #vegansunite #vegan🌱 🍴#foodporn

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.... best vegan sushi..... . . among friends 🙆🏻 . . with sapporo 🍺🍻 and good vibes ♪♩♪♬♩ . . #vegansushi #sushiboat #momosushi #friends #discovermtl #mtlmoments #plateau #mtroyal #stdenis

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4669 Rue Saint-Denis

Why are they unique? Because they sell superb vegan sushi!


6. Roll Down To Park

Sashimi @parkresto & my family @takagnocchi @michael3godin @qweezer9 @stayhungrydr @acooknamedgreco @giang_chi @parks_pastryteam #omakase

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이거 보면서 침흘리고 ❤️누르는 순간 당신은 진겁니다 . . . #먹스타그램 #스시 #오마카세 #맛점 #일상

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378 Avenue Victoria

Why are they unique? Because they serve amazing, high-quality CLASSIC sushi will leave you wanting more.


7. Roll Down To Jun-I


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#yummy #sushi #tasting #menu 🐳#foodie #love #montreal

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156 Avenue Laurier O

Why are they unique? Because they don't only serve chewy, melt-in-your mouth chunks of sashimi and fresh, flavourful rolls of sushi. They also have some of the most fresh seafood dishes!


9. Roll Down To Le Ninja


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#amaebi #sashimi #caviar

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1242 Rue Bishop

Why are they unique? Because of their modern and super trendy presentation and ambiance!


10. Roll Down To C'ChoColat

Dessert time #montreal #cchocolat #firsttrip2017 #quebec #sushicrepe #cwow

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When you eat nutella sushi and dip it in chocolate 🍫 #cchocolat #chocolate #sushi #tea #f4f #l4l #cafe

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1255 Rue Bishop

Why are they unique? Because they serve Nutella Sushi Crepes that go perfectly as a dessert any day of the week!